What are the cities/areas in Europe which offer good opportunities to work as a software developer/engineer?

In northern Italy, for example, I would say Milan is the city with most job openings, and most of them are, I think, web related and for consulting firms.

I think there are areas (for example the area near Cambridge?) where there are more jobs opening than average, sometimes in a niche field (such as financial applications).

Dublin used to be a very good city for example (I don't know if it still is). There are Google, AOL and other big companies that do some of their development there.

Is there a Silicon Valley clone somewhere in Europe?

Regardless of the language spoken.


I can only give some feedback for Germany. Munich is a very good area with a lot of companies around. Same goes for Hamburg.

The Ruhr Area (especially Düsseldorf and Cologne) is also very interesting because of its high density of Universities and other educational and research facilities, thus incenting many hightech industries.


I'd recommend Barcelona.
Here you can find foreign companies that pay very well, while enjoying lower prices than in northen europe. Also, the people and the sun are priceless here.
However, there are better job conditions offered in Amsterdam and Dublin.
Too crappy weather, though =/


In Switzerland it is clearly Zürich.

Switzerland does not have much of a standard products industry, but mostly large companies with their internal IT. There are tons of small and midsized IT companies doing custom built software and consulting for these large companies. Obviously there are some exceptions.

Switzerland has treaties for EU citizens for freeedom of movement and residence. Many big companies have English as their official work language and a fairly international work force. But said so, some knowledge of German is needed.



It is investing heavily in "knowledge based industries" and has loads of smaller to larger companies in every place imaginable, from the old city centre to the modern high rises located at the outside of the city. Most IT companies (Microsoft, Google) have offices in Amsterdam or in the greater Amsterdam area.

IMHO the place you work at should be nice to live in too. Amsterdam is a very chilled place to live (or even better, just outside Amsterdam in the country, just 10 minutes outside of Amsterdam and you are knee deep in cows :-P), has loads of things to do (museums, night live etc.) and it is the city with the highest number of different nationalities on the planet, making it a very diverse city).

P.S. Another plus, EVERYBODY speaks English.

P.P.S. seeing as The Netherlands is part of the EU, it, like Switzerland has treaties for EU citizens for freedom of movement and residence.


Wherever the company you want to work for is located, using a language you're comfortable in.

Personally, I'd say that's London because there is a lot of work here, I speak English and I've lived here for 20 years.

There's no one answer to the question.


Cambridge (UK) is excellent. Hundreds and hundreds of tech companies around, and it's a beautiful city on top of that


In Eastern-Europe - Wroc?aw in Poland.

  1. London and vicinity
  2. Dublin
  3. Munich
  4. Paris
  5. Milan

It is difficult to answer like this, every big city will have few big companies. I think Scandinavian countries along with Luxembourg are high on Startups.
I seriously think, look for places where you best education system, those cities will have good companies in the vicinity.

Ex -
bay area in US has Stanford, USC, Caltech (though not so close),
Bangalore in India (10s of colleges), Delhi/Gurgaon/ Mumbai/ Chenai has IITs
Kista in Sweden, close to kth.
Germany has couple cities, but again those cities has a powerhouse academic presence.
Zurich has ETH, EPFL
Turin has Politecnico Di Torino
Milan has Politecnico Di Milano
Paris/ Grenoble has number of great institutes
Dublin has Trinity University


Oxford has a few startups and the occasional large company (I currently work at Sophos' headquarters about five miles outside the city), but it's nothing like as big a technology hub as Cambridge or London. In fact Reading may even have more going on. Also, most of the startups in Oxford are actually University spin-offs exploiting existing IP. There are a few hedge fund companies which seem to be permanently recruiting programmers, too.


In France, Sophia Antipolis, close to Nice, is a great place to work with lots of high-tech companies and startups. The climate, geography and lifestyle are very similar to Silicon Valley, with the Alps and Cote d'Azur nearby.


If you wan't to go in to mobile phones you have a nice place in the southern Sweden / Denmark also known as the "Öresundsregionen" with a Nokia site in Copenhagen and with Sony Ericsson and ST Ericsson in Lund.

But with the economy as it is and with the mobile phone business in a interesting state who knows what things will look like in the future...

Anyway it is a quite nice place to live and work (even thou the winter is just wind and rain...)