If my calculations are correct, about 30% of all questions asked on Stack Overflow are related to Microsoft technologies.

Now I have no problem with this (although a tag filter would be great :)), but I wonder why this is so.

Do you think it's because:

  • Jeff and Joel are Microsoft developers?
  • Microsoft has a huge1 market share, and therefore most developers use Microsoft technologies?
  • FOSS and/or Mac developers already have their own platforms2 (like SourceForge and ADC)?

1 According to the latest TIOBE index, C# is the 8th most popular programming language, with Java, C and C++ being the first three. On Stack Overflow, on the other hand, c# is the most popular tag, with java, c and c++ being the 3rd, 16th and 5th respectively. Interesting.

2 Is there a similar platform for Microsoft developers? I know there's MSDN but I believe it's more like documentation and stuff.