Does anyone know of a good (hopefully free) tool that can be used to map a SSH server as a Windows network drive (i.e. SCP)?

EDIT: SFTP not supported

EDIT2: Windows File Sharing/Samba not supported



I'm not aware of any solution that supports SCP, but there is a nasty horrible evil hack which should work (install Linux in a virtual machine, install sshfs, make a samba share, mount that on the host Windows machine).

You're probably better off just using WinSCP.

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I think you're going to have to go back and re-evaluate your prior assumptions/designs.

I suggest:

  1. Scripting periodic fetches of the log-files with (p)scp.
  2. Performing the log analysis on your local drive.

Even if you find something that will map a drive to an scp connection, I doubt it will allow the live updating style that would be required for log monitoring, since I don't see how you would implement that with the underlying scp protocol.


  1. Configure putty to write out a log file from the connection.
  2. Do tail -f in the putty connection.
  3. Do the log analysis against the putty log file.

Just follow instructions to use free PuTTY


There is a commercial tool called WebDrive which supports SCP, FTP, WebDAV.


If you want to access and read server logs on a remote machine that is running an ssh server (daemon) you can use the free SSH tool PuTTY.

Just connect to the server, browse to the log file and view the log using a text editor such as 'Vi' or if you want to view it in real time use the command:

> tail -f /logdirectory/test.log


also check out Dokan

it's iffy, but it works, and it's free


Any reason you can't just set up a samba share on the server?


My initial thought was SSHFS, but that's for *nix-like OSes (Linux, BSD, Mac OS, etc).

For Windows, the option appears to be what @moonshadow suggested, SftpDrive.

If you have ssh running, you should have sftp available, as it runs over the standard ssh stack (especially if you're running OpenSSH as your daemon).


You can use SftpDrive, http://www.magnetk.com/sftpdrive/.

However, this bug reported on their support forums makes it almost unusable for editing files with Emacs: http://getsatisfaction.com/magnetk/topics/file_changed_warning_from_emacs.


If you have Samba on your server, you can try this tutorial http://alirezabagheri.com/blog/?p=67


Dokan and DokanSSHFS.

I'm using it and it works.


I think sshdrive is what you want and it's free


You can use Netdrive + Tunnelier ssh drive is read only



should work for Win XP or greater maybe 2000 as well. warning requires at least half a functioning brain cell to setup but completely free.


The best an easiest solution I found is http://www.swish-sftp.org/.

It adds an 'Other' Swish drive in which each folder is an SFTP connection - pretty slick.


The best an easiest solution I found is http://www.swish-sftp.org/

It adds an 'Other' Swish drive in which each folder is an SFTP connection - pretty slick.