So far I love what I see from Stack Overflow and I find myself visiting quite often during my work day. I'm starting to get a little frustrated however because most of the questions are in categories where I don't have much expertise. (My areas of expertise are J2EE and Spring Framework.) There just aren't many questions in those categories to answer.

I'm also not in role at work right now where I'm writing any code and haven't had much time outside of work to take on personal coding projects. So, I'm finding I don't have a lot of questions to ask either.

I can't upvote any answers to questions because I don't have any reputation points. (I do have a sweet Autobiographer badge though.)

So, what's the best way for me to contribute to the community?

I'll just keep monitoring the J2EE and Spring tags and hope some more of those questions come along that I can answer. Otherwise I'll just keep browsing and answer/contribute where I can. I love the community here though.