Finished means after final delivery to client. After you finish a programming or web development project, what steps do you usually take?


  • what happens to the code base (and repository)?
  • what happens if you see something you don't like in the code a month later?
  • do you do a team write-up or debriefing?
  • what do you include in a writeup (e.g., project takeaways/lessons learned)?
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I grab a nice, cold beer.


Get assigned to another project that was falling behind schedule and tell yourself that this time will be different.


Finish? Isn't maintenance the biggest part of any project? After I deliver to a client, my project has just begun...


Prepare another paragraph in your resume and add a feather in your cap.


Typically you will hand off to a maintenance team. The exact process (and pain associated with that process) depends on many factors. A few I can think of are: size of the company, maturity of IT processes of said company and size of the application.

  1. I make a copy of the code base and burn it to DVD
  2. I let the client know and change the code
  3. Not usually - but that is a good idea
  4. Most notes are just in memory

The other thing is I add the project to my notes for Resume / CV along with Reference Contact Information.


I got drunk. But then, it was a POS system for a bar*.

*This started as a jokey comment, but then I actually remembered it happened.


I plug in my joystick, put on a game, create an internal network and game away!!! (unless an RFS comes along).


We have a maintenence group that takes over support once the project is delivered. I'm still available and will be called in to help for a the first few tough problems, but in general by that time I'm already off on the next project.

There's always at least one other project "on deck", so generally there is just a slow transition. Over the period of a few weeks my hours will slowly start going more and more to the next project and less and less to the old one.