What is a very, very lightweight bug tracking tool that I can use to aid me in my development? I don't want to spend much time setting up/maintaing or browsing through a lot of pages or dealing with convuluted processes that I won't be using.


FogBugz is free for a student or small startup. Other options are a spreadsheet in Google Docs, or an individual (free) account on 37signals' Backpack.

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If you don't want to deal with all the convoluted processes, it sounds like maybe you don't actually want (or need) a full bug-tracking app.

Some things you could consider:

  • Any sort of "todo list" application. Emacs org-mode is great, but takes a bit to get into. A really nice online todo list is Todoist.
  • If you actually want a "real" bug tracker, Lighthouse is free to use with one project.
  • A piece of paper and a pencil could do the job.

What features do you feel like you actually need?


Google Docs spreadsheet, believe me i work on a project of two developers (each in different country)


I've been searching for one for years (and have also considered, like far too many developers, writing one), But have found nothing better than using a spreadsheet - currently I use Open Office.


I Use https://www.fogbugz.com/


For very lightweight task lists, that I would be using only over a few days, I've been finding the pen and pad on the desk to be consistently the best solution.

For a bit longer term issue, the ones I've tried:

  • Bugzilla - Venerable, easy to set up, but not necessarily the most modern. Some people seem to hate it for some reason.
  • Trac - Very nice, and has an integrated Wiki
  • Mantis - Easy to install, looks reasonably nice

Perhaps Ditz could help you?


An Excel spreadsheet.


I think my bug tracking tool, BugNotes, fits the description pretty well.


Have a look at http://www.bugzilla.org/



A Jira license is only $10.


The "best" under the relatively simple ones I found was mantis on http://www.mantisbt.org/ maybe not the best but (if you have a PHP enabled webserver) quickly installed and canbe used forsimple operations quite easily...


Gemini is nice but you may find it "too big" given your needs. Worth a look as it is commercial yet free for 3 users.


I use Pivotal Tracker http://www.pivotaltracker.com for several projects. It is simple, but deep, and will really help you stay on task. Read/watch their introduction here: http://www.pivotaltracker.com/help/gettingstarted

If you want your bug tracker to increase your productivity, you should seriously try out Pivotal Tracker.


Versioned Artifacts might work for you if you use Visual Studio. It's lightweight and keeps bugs under your version control.


For 9$ you can use bug tracker with integrated cross-platform video capture application at BontQ



If you are looking for a very lightweight bug tracking tool, you should try BugUp Tracker by informup. they have a web based application that can do the job for you, for free!! they have a new free offer for startups (http://www.informup.com/StartUpFree.aspx) but i think it is free for two users anyway..

try it out