I want a SSL certificate for my web site that will not only be accepted without warning by all popular browsers (at least accepted by Firefox and Internet Explorer), but also give my visitors the green address bar.

Which certificate authority is selling the least expensive extended validation SSL certificates?

SSL EV in Microsoft Internet Explorer

SSL EV in Mozilla Firefox


When I researched a year ago, GoDaddy was the cheapest by far. I'd start there.

GoDaddy Premium SSL (Extended Validation)

$499.99 per year or
$799.98 for 2 years ($399.99/year)


StartSSL http://startssl.com.

From their website:

StartSSL? Extended Validations are now available for a time-limited introductory price of only US $ 199.90! First EV certificate is included, every additional EV certificate only US$ 49.90. Unlimited Class 2 certificates included without charge. All certificates are valid for 2 years!


Well, there is one source that says you should go with Comodo, but I would recommend that you read about the various providers before buying. Cheap may be attractive, but it isn't always the best way to go.

Comodo Instant SSL EV SSL

$449 per year or
$718 for 2 years ($359/year)


One thing to consider is not only the green address bar, but the logo for the EV SSL cert that you can put on your site. If you stick a 'geotrust' or 'trustwave' or 'Cybertrust' logo thats more likely to resonate with a consumer than 'Thawte' or 'Comodo'. If you're not seeing where I'm going here its the word 'trust'.

As far as pricing goes Godaddy is incredibly cheap and is well known to the consumer (think girls and superbowl). OK so they don't have the word trust but this question is about pricing and they appear a third the price of others. Please correct me if I'm wrong - but other companies don't seem to have come down in price so much.

Currently only $99 or $75 for 2 or more years. I'm not sure about what happened to pricing this year but thats a lot cheaper than the other ones mentioned here.

Plan Features

  • Extended Validation for U.S.-based Businesses
  • New Green Address Bar
  • Includes Free temporary Standard SSL??
  • View Site Seal Options

DigiCert EV Certificates

$488 per year or
$780 for 2 Years ($390/year)


I think Dave DuPlantis is right in that you have to consider quality as well as price. This list shows the cheapest EV SSL certificates while taking customer ratings into account.



They have free valid SSL certificates. There are some other paid options too that are way cheaper than the competition.

2 accepted

Totally GlobalSign

$430 per year or
$650 for 2 Years ($325/year)


The cheapest I have been able to find is GoDaddy! They are currently $199 and you can even find coupons on that price by searching the web for "GoDaddy coupons".


The level of security is exactly the same for all certificates EV or otherwise. EV does not increase the level of SSL encryption. EV is just a ploy to make customers trust you more by having that green bar, they all do the same thing and want as much money as they can squeeze. There is absolutely no reason you should pay more for one signing authority over another so long as they are both compatible with all of the EV enabled browsers.


There are several but Instant SSL for $359 per year is one of the cheapest I've found.

You can also compare them.


I agree totally. Globalsign is a company I have used before, prices are very good, great support from them if you need it, I have recommended these to other people and not one have been annoyed when using Globalsign. You have to question GoDaddy to be able to supply an EV at that cost they must be cutting corners somewhere, wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't looked into, EV Extended Validation you couldn't even pay the member of staff to do whats involved for that amount of money, for saying it takes 4-5 days to obtain one of those. Forget the cheap and cheerful, if you want a good EV go with a company who do the job properly,



I have seen a banner of http://www.sslmatic.com at Stack Overflow, trusted them and bought: Geotrust EV certificate for $219 and few Rapidssl certificates for $19. They sell them really cheap and I received SSL order e-mails in a few minutes.


www.thesslstore.com and www.rapidsslonline.com are selling cheapest SSL certificates. You can find GeoTrust, VeriSign, Thawte or RapidSSL certificates from there at cheapes price and huge discount


I've used GoDaddy SSL on several client sites and had good service, good experience.


I've found couple of months before a website called clickssl.com selling all types of EV SSL certificates. Go through this link to get discount coupon http://www.clickssl.com/ssl-coupon.aspx . They are having cost effective solutions. I hope it may helps you! Thanks.


After working with GoDaddy for years and spending lots of money with them, they insisted on making mine and my clients' life miserable during the open EV process. I've even used them for SSL certs before - a few times! I've been trying to get them to issue a certificate for over a month, and they continually come back with new, different requirements. It's like jumping through hoops. Except they're on fire. Or made of plasma. Anyway, my client has lost patience and I lost patience a long time ago.

The staff is usually not rude (though sometimes they are) and they are genuinely unhelpful. It's not that they're incompetent - it's that their system is garbage, and the staff can't give you a good answer because of the way the system was designed. This isn't rocket science. Just tell me what I need and I'll take care of it.

Anyway, trying out DigiCert today. I wholeheartedly do NOT recommend GoDaddy. As great as their support service is for other things, for this, they are useless.


I've used Godaddy SSL all I can say is I saved 50% off than other places wow


compared to Thawte, sslmatic, Thawte is cheaper. godaddy was still the easiest and fastest .


Comodo EV SSL Certificate:

  • 1 year price: Original - $623.63, Re-seller - $390.76, You Save - $232.87
  • 2 year price: Original - $997.25, Re-seller - $610.98. You Save - $386.27

Universal browser compatability: 99.3% of browser ubiquity


TotallyGlobalsign, contact them direct, always doing discounts and you get the best certificate for your money


I think EV SSL certificates are more about features than price. I'd prefer to pay more for a feature rich certificate than buy a cheap one. This way my customers don't lose out. After all, its my customers who I am buying the security for, not just because I want a padlock symbol and the https:// showing without any warnings!


Great Saving offers at ClickSSL on VeriSign EV SSL certificates and also with GeoTrust SSL certificates. Save up to 50% on SSL certificate regular price and get SSL in minutes only.

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