I'm looking for a program that measures a distance from point A to point B in pixels.(with crosshair cursor - not a pixel ruller aplication) I need something that doesnt require print-screen and paste to another window,but works "on" other open windows.



On Windows platform, you have Pixer Ruler

a ruler for Windows is quite powerful too

If you look for a simple line which does not like a ruler:

Opera Widget (suppose having Opera... but it works)

Perfect screen Ruler has a rich API.


On the Mac, try XScope. You can set an arbitrary 'center' for your crosshairs and see the x and y offset but there's no Cartesian distance option if that's an important concern.


It might not work exactly for your purposes, but a great tool to measure pixels inside your browser is the MeasureIt Addon for Firefox, also available as an extension on Google Chrome.


I'm happy with Meazure for this. I think it does all that you want.


Although not intended for measuring, I use Cropper. It measures the size in pixels but you can also use it for distances.

alt text


The earlier version of Screen Calipers is free of charge, but you can't download it from their own site anymore I think. You can get it here though: Screen Calipers

It's just an exe-file, and no need for installing. I use it every time i need to measure something on my screen. You can measure both horizonal and vertical, and change the colors of the Caliper. Very nice free tool.


For IE the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar has a ruler feature. I still prefer doing screenshots in dropping them into Photoshop so I can zoom in as far as I want. It's also handy to replace blocks with different mockups.

alt text


Whilst not a crosshair, Screen Calipers offers a "ThinMeasure" skin that is extremely minimal and might meet your requirements.


I like DotColor although it gives coordinates, not distances...
Zoom+ is a zoom tool able to show dimensions of the selection done with right-click in the zoom window (so, limited to a few pixels, but precise).

I used a number of other rulers (perhaps Pixel Ruler, tried Screen Caliper), but I don't recall precisely which... I found JR Screen Ruler too.

My favorite screen capture software, MWSnap, has a ruler built in, too.

[EDIT] I read the comment and re-read the message, and saw you don't want rulers... Oh well, I leave them for reference... :-)

Note that when you capture a variable rectangle, MWSnap shows a cross-hair with side zoom (precise positioning) and real-time dimensions of the selected rectangle, so it is very close of what you want (unless you need diagonal measures...).


Ruler Tool is yet another option.


Pixel Ruler is an application that I use since 1996. It has been constantly updated since then and works on all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It is highly customizable as you can switch it to horizontal or vertical placement, you can make it half-transparent so you can see through. It can also be set to stay on top of other windows and you can send it to System Tray when you don't use it but you still want it around. WHEN IT IS MINIMIZED IT TAKES 0.56MB or RAM so you can leave it running all the time!

What I love most is that you DON'T NEED TO INSTALL IT or UNINSTALL IT!!!! In other words it doesn't install garbage files (dotNet, Java, DLLs) in your system. So you don't have to install it in Program Files; you can move it around your hard drive or put it on a flash disk and take it with you.

Another thing to love at this application is its hyper-long cursor, so you don't have to waste time trying to place the ruler exactly under the thing you measure.

Know the exact size and position of any element/pixel with this very easy to use screen ruler

Downloadable from here: Pixel Ruler (You can find other interesting graphic-related software on that web site)


I'm always looking out for a proper replacement for 'MioToolbox' which is a really smooth app with rulers, zooming, color picking and screen capture. It has all the elements I need, but it's not always easy to position everything for easy use. If I had to pick one tool to download now though, I haven't seen anything that does as much, as well.


Mio Toolbox


Grab works really well. It comes with every Mac.

Just go to "Capture" and then "Selection," and the little read box will tell the object's dimensions.


Simple in Firefox, Cmd + Shift + 4 :)


Recently,I found a wonderful tool which works on Mac OS - the onde rulers for Mac. That's very convenient for us to use?it's functional.If you need a tool to measure one screen object,have a try,I believe it will not let you down.


Using ScreenShotCaptor (http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/screenshotcaptor/) it's easy:

  • Shift PrintScreen
  • Drag a region from point A to point B
  • Read the size of the region in the tooltip
  • Right click or Esc to cancel the screen capture

ScreenShotCaptor is actually a screen capture utility. There are other options that can be useful to measure on screen (red box capture requires more steps, but has handles to move or resize the region for more precise adjustment).