I know that sounds a weird request. But I was installing a bunch of packages in Ubuntu yesterday, using apt-get and I started wondering if anyone had adapted it or produced anything similar for Windows.

What I mean is a) an package manager / installer for Windows. And b) a repository of free-software packages in a compatible format.

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You could try win-get. It's an open source clone of apt-get for windows with a fairly sizable application repository.

I've used it on several previous workstations to get software installed quickly and maintain version of heavily developed applications. It works well.


Not exactly a package manager, but http://ninite.com/ is a handy way to bulk install a lot of free apps on a new PC.

If you keep the installer exe and run it again it will update all the apps it installed too.


I found the following based on the wikipedia entry for package management system and a blog entry:

  • Cygwin: for open source tools that run on the cygwin platform
  • AppSnap: Gui tool, last released February 2008, last checkin October 2008. It did install the latest version of several software packages for me. Includes programming tools for Perl, Java, .NET, Ruby, C++, etc. App seems slightly buggy on Windows 7.
  • Windows-Get: A command line tool based on apt-get. Great idea, seemed to be last updated in 2007. I didn't have much success with it.
  • AppUpdater: Gui tool last released November 2009 and under active development as of Jan 2010. Detected several apps that were already installed on my system. I had to run as admin to get this to work on Windows 7. Also has a command line tool.
  • GetIt: Gui tool that has some support for using AppSnap and AppUpdater if they are installed. Has some support for autodiscovery of repositories. Interface is a little clunky, making it hard to tell what is already installed. Supports upgrades, but doesn't seem to support removal of packages.
  • QWinApt: Looks out of date, haven't tried it.
  • WinAptic: Looks out of date, haven't tried it.
  • WinLibre: Very professional looking but with a VERY limited number of pacakges (around 20) when I installed the minimal version. The project seems to be recently open sourced, the packages are quite out of date. Much of the development conversation seems to be in French.
  • ZeroInstall: This is a multiplatform installer that is not quite yet supported on windows, though the maintainers seem open to having a windows version and it may just be a matter of compiling it for windows. I haven't tried this one yet. It seems to be geared around security and isolating installs in a separate environment from the admin account of a system.
  • WPKG:
  • Unattended:
  • InstallPad:

here is a new one: http://code.google.com/p/windows-package-manager/


There is also CoApp

And chocolatey