In LyX/LaTeX, What is the difference between "Page Break" and "New Page"?

They both seem to do the same to me.

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If you use \newpage the paragraphs of the old page will stick together. So you will have possibly a lot of free space at the bottom of the old page.

With \pagebreak the paragraphs will spread out over the old page. So you will not have an empty bottom of the old page. The old page will not look like it is the end of a chapter.

EDIT: Here is an example of the results of a \pagebreak and a \newpage

\pagebreak example                \newpage example

pagebreak example newpage example


I don't use LaTeX, but looking at the docs, it seems newpage always starts a new page - the content for the current page ends there, whereas pagebreak is a request for content to start on a new page, but the request may not be honoured in some situations. The pagebreak command takes a number from 0-4 as a measure of your insistence that a new page should be started.


They are similar, though they have a difference:


Forces the current page to end and starts a new one. This will pad the page with extra space at the end of the page.

\pagebreak [number]

Breaks the current page at the point it is located. Using the optional number argument changes this from a demand to a request with priority in a scale from 0 to 4. This will not put extra space at the bottom of the page.

See http://help-csli.stanford.edu/tex/latex-pagebreaks.shtml for info on page breaking commands.