Looking at the profiles of the users with the most reputation I started to wonder: are those people working besides asking and answering on stackoverflow? Or are they the superstars Steve Yegge writes about in "Done, and Gets Things Smart"?

So, this is a question that can be answered from several viewpoints:

  • if you are a user with reputation over 5000 or so: how do you find the time?
  • if you are a potential employer: would you prefer someone with higher reputation?
  • if you are a user with low/no reputation: how do you think, they are doing it?

Call it envy, but reaching the reputation gain limit each day seems like a great accomplishment to me.

If I would be an employer, I would be ambivalent about the question in the title.
As a mere user of this site (who is wasting too much time here already), I stand in awe and most of the time ask myself: why couldn't I come up with those brilliant anwers (sometimes I even find the question brilliant).