We've all experienced this issue - we ask a question and immediately get inundated with Shakespeare's monkeys all trying to get the answer right in the shortest time (I swear 50% of Hamlet appeared in the responses to a question just yesterday). More often than not, we haven't even finished typing the question before twenty answers crop up pointing at Google, the C# spec, Jon Skeet's blog, an inside joke from the SO podcast, some random Code Project entry, or that dusty top shelf in their gran's pantry (see? there's already 5 answers to this one and I haven't finished yet - no, I don't think the answer is somewhere in UserVoice...whatever). The next thing you know, your question is down-voted fifty times and some self-professed expert called Jon Skeet has soaked up all the reputation points in the universe with his answer that was carefully crafted to perfection in the time it takes mere mortals to read the word "the".

Even worse, we've all been the monkey; reading the question too fast, answering a totally different question that we read somewhere between the lines, then realising our mistake and deleting it again, by which time, Jon Skeet has answered another twenty questions, only five of which have been asked.

So, what tactics can be employed to subvert that impulse to type "I am answer"? Maths tests before posting answers? Candy? Flashing lights?

EDIT: I'm not looking to rehash the question below, people. This was just light-hearted fun for the afternoon as it's honorary Friday here in the US. I was expecting some humourous answers rather than ironic ones (see paragraph starting "Even worse" above and check out the tags).

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