Why am I getting this warning (stack overflow at line 105) all of a sudden? What does it mean? I've never even heard of Stack, Is there somewhere I go on my computer to delete old Stack? I have Windows Vista. I don't want to download any unknown programs if I can just remove old Stack that is stored on my computer. I just don't know where to find it.


Jennifer, an explanation is in order. First, let me say that you've made my day (humour wise).

If only we, as programmers, could just delete a file like /error/invalid-token-at-line-17 or /exception/null-pointer-reference and continue, we'd be a lot more productive.

That said, this site is really intended for programming questions (things we encounter while writing software) rather than end-user-type questions (things you encounter while running software). But we'll probably do our best to help you out anyway.

Here I go: When a computer runs a program, it generally does lots of different things.

When it goes off to do something else, it has to remember where it was and what it was doing so it can return to that task later. This information is stored on a stack, so called because it resembles a stack of plates on your sink.

It's called a last-in-first-out (LIFO) thing because, when you put a 'plate' on the stack, that's the one that must be removed first.

When you try to stack too many things, you run out of space (think of the plate stack hitting the roof of your kitchen) since computer memory is not unlimited.

It sounds like your application has reached its limit. You can't really delete old stack (as you quaintly put it) since restarting the application clears the stack anyway.

A number of things may have happened to cause your problem.

  • Your application may have updated itself (or you may have updated it).
  • The data you've entered into the application may have gotten too complex.
  • Something else may have been updated on your computer that your application uses.

Try to think of anything that's changed since you last ran your application successfully - that may give us a clue where to look.

Also, what actually is the ProImage11 program?

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"Stack overflow" is a technical term for a type of programming error. This site has nothing to do with that error, but is an exchange platform for people who use that type of technical language. As Jonathan Leffler pointed out, you should contact the support department of the company that sells ProImage 11.


A stack overflow usually means that there is a problem in the program. It sounds as if ProImage 11 (from ProImage Software?) has detected some sort of internal problem and handled it. However, you should get in contact with the makers of the software to see what they think - contact Tech Support, in other words. Maybe you are trying to do something with a bigger image, or bigger set of images, than it expects.

There is no stack that you as a user can remove. This is an internal programming error.


Drain the stack by resetting the computer !!

If it happens again while running the same application, well delete the application rather than the stack ! :)