I need about 10 sample contacts to prepare screen shots. Is it okay to use dead writers names with 555 phone numbers? Like "Mark Twain +1 (555) 4567777". I'm from Russia and I think it's perfectly okay, but I have to show it to Americans. I don't want to get sued or something. I don't even want them to raise eyebrows you know like "those Russians, they don't have respect for anything". Thanks

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Of course it's ok - you can use anyones name living or dead - names aren't copyright.

Maybe keep away from the names of dictators/criminals - but other than that no one should have a problem. In fact if it makes test data more memorable and so easy to discuss it could be an advantage.


Please, use famous Americans for test data. A name cannot be copyrighted.

Just don't make "extensive" quotes from their works.


I don't think Mark Twain is going to care at this point. At the very least it shows your customers that you know an American author!

I'd stay away from emotionally-charged names though. Like "Weird Al" Yankovic or Alfred E. Newman.