Any suggestions for good, solid, bug tracking solutions that let me (and company members) document bugs in 1-or-2-click steps? Basically I grew tired of all the overhead Mantis brings in...

All I need is a list (do away with assign/status/priority/notes, phew! we're a small company!). I'm tempted to write it up in CakePHP, but before I do so, i'd love to know if there's something out there. Points if its free or web2-"ish".

Cheers, Thx.


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With the risk of getting the reputation of a Salesman: FogBugz, free for up to 2 users

Also, check the GTD Thread, maybe Remember the milk works for you as well.


Panic (a small Mac software company) recently went through a similar quest for a light-weight bug tracking system. Check out the choices they considered (all with links) and their reasons for choosing the eventual winner.

Update: links changed to point to archive.org since the original pages have disappeared.


BugTracker.NET has the philosophy of being able to enter bugs with a minimum of required fields, similar to FogBugz. It comes with a screen capture utility that lets you turn a screenshot into a bug with just a couple clicks, also similar to FogBugz. It's, free, open source, web-based.


trac. You can even download it in a virtual machine (JumpBox), you just start the VM and that's it, no config!


Redmine is the shizzle.


Try using Freshlog to create concise bug reports WITH screenshots in your choice of issue trackers:

  • Fogbugz
  • Lighthouse
  • Unfuddle
  • Assembla
  • Fixx

and even project management apps like:

  • Basecamp

easily in a few steps.


http://www.easy-bugs.com is quite simple and easy. Lacks the features of many advanced systems, but it is free and easy to use. Easy to report bugs in few clicks.


What about a shared Google Docs spreadsheet?


DoneDone is a simple web-based bug/issue tracker (http://www.getdonedone.com) - issues have a title, description, priority, tags (optional), and file uploads (for paid accounts). What's unique is that bugs are sorted by waiting on you v. waiting on them... you don't have to "re-assign" bugs to ask a question or get more feedback. Really beautiful, simple interface without too many unnecessary features.


TrackJumper is what happened when I finally got frustrated and coded up a bug tracker. We recently released it as a proper product. It's minimalistic, and extracted from my own experience managing bugs at various startups.


http://gitbug.appspot.com looks great.


Similar to that, is http://holybugs.com. Pretty useful for managing small projects.


I believe my bug tracker BugNotes fits the description pretty well!


Thanks! 10 minutes and 3 choices!!



Also you can try a simple hosted bug tracker Bontq