A bounty system was one of the most-requested Stackoverflow features. According to the Uservoice item and the Stackoverflow FAQ, it has now been implemented!

  • What is a bounty? What is the "Featured" tab on the homepage?
  • When can I offer a bounty? How do I offer a bounty?
  • How long is the bounty period?
  • How do I award the correct answer?
  • What happens if I feel my question is still unanswered?
  • Are bounty awards exempt from the 200 points/day reputation limit?
  • Can I offer a second bounty after the first one has expired?
  • How can I search for questions that have a bounty attached?
  • When is the best time to accept an answer so the answerer is least affected by the daily reputation cap?
  • What happens if there's no answer after the bounty period at all?
  • What happens if a bounty question is closed, or deleted as offensive?
  • What happens if the acceptable answer is flagged as community wiki?
  • Can I accept my own answer for a question with a bounty?
  • What happens if the top voted answer belongs to me?
  • What if the author of the top-voted answer deletes their account, or is in the penalty box?