I've been a professional programmer for 14 years, having started as a high school student (working for the US gov't after turning a summer internship into a full year part time job), and worked in various research and industry positions. I've always done my coding in either C, C++ (for GUIs, mostly), or assembly (I've been working with embedded devices for the past few years), or my scripting in perl.

When I look at the stackoverflow questions, it seems like Java, C#, and platform specific technologies (winforms, etc) represent almost all the programming related questions. I realize that these make up the majority of programming jobs these days, but I've still been somewhat surprised to see a lack of questions about C, drivers, kernel concerns, and other lower-level issues.

Have I into a curmudgeon at the tender age of 28? Should I start yelling to my OO colleagues to get off my lawn, and turn the volume down from their newfangled intellisense and whatnot, and let me work on my vim console in peace? Or do the jobs in C et al tend to be populated by people with someone more experience who no longer use the internet to ask their questions (and rely on 15 year old usenet posts (I mean dejanews, I mean google groups))?

Edit: Someone suggested that SO may represent the current state of programming as a hobby, not necessarily that of programming as a job. Excellent point, and one that seems quite plausible.

Edit: I didn't really mean to imply that I think there should be more jobs / positions for C than C#. It's just that when I look at the programs I use, it seems like .NET is much less common than I'd think based on the SO questions