After reading Jeff's post on Real Ultimate Programming Power I'm left feeling mighty stupid. He says it all boils down to 4 arcoynyms:

  1. DRY
  2. KISS
  3. YAGNI

Now, the first three I get (Don't Repeat Yourself, Keep It Simple Stupid and You Aren't Gonna Need It), but the fourth has got me puzzled. Afaik there's the Male-Boy association (which I know thanks to Southpark), but I seriously do not understand what the reference means in terms of software development.

Can someone explain this reference to me?


It's a joke.


No body really knows (or is supposed to admit you know), and you're not supposed to ask. Just act as if it was the ultimate programming rule, if somebody disagrees just act offended. :)


This is a US-centric joke that sadly goes over the head of almost everyone from the Rest Of The World. Which is a shame, because it seems like quite a good joke, when I followed the link. The 5.7 billion or so who don't watch The Daily Show will just have to muddle along in our cultural wasteland. Either that or start watching on the Web.

Oh, and :-), btw

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If you look at the link on the post it's the daily show "this is a joke" thing on that NAMBLA


In the "joke" spirit around this acronym used to reference... whatever you want, it can be interpreted as a reminder to avoid any useless acronym.

Indeed, NAMBLA could actually (joke) stands for:

The National Acronym Monitoring Board of Linguistic Anomalies

, and any variables named LOL would be considered as a class G felony punishable by permanent IP banning and in rare cases death by pwnage...


Contrary to popular opinion NAMBLA actually stands for "Never use PHP in a production environment".


NAMBLA must be left absent?


Don't search for it, unless you want to ruin your reputation (work not SO).