A good XML diff tool:
- Has a clear, node driven, GUI
- Accepts Command line (For easy Version Control integration)
- Can handle large files
- Is low cost


a command-line diff which can handle large files and is free is xmldiff from


unfortunatly, it doesn't have a GUI although I have never felt it needed one.

(full disclosure: I work for decisionsoft).


Check out BeyondCompare. Its a great diff tool in general and there are a couple of third party plugin for diffing xml


ExamDiff good gui, command line, free (not pro)


WinMerge is ok but has some issues with spaces and CRLF when you compare xml or other text files.


You could also try Altova's DiffDog - though, like all Altova tools, it's neither the cheapest option, nor graceful when it deals with massive XML files.


Project: Merge has a concise and clear GUI. Is fully controllable through the command line. Might handle large files gracefully - I haven't tested it with anything over 10MB. Is cheaper than the rest.


Liquid XMLDiff is a pretty good tool, commercial though.

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