I can't seem to have both the small caps and boldface styles on a line:

\huge\sc\bf Hello

This will generate bold text, and if the \sc is placed after, it will generate small caps text but not bolded. They seem to override each other, so is there any way to apply them both?


Your question requires a two-part answer.

\sc and \bf (and \it) are deprecated because, as you have noticed, they override each other. Use either



{\itshape ...}
{\bfseries ...}
{\scshape ...}


However, not all fonts contain italic and/or bold small caps (when they even contain small caps).

(Also, italic and small caps usually don't combine at all by default, requiring \usepackage{slantsc} to do so.)

When you load the T1 font encoding, you're replacing the default Computer Modern fonts by CM-Super, a larger but lower-quality set of fonts that look mostly identical but contain many more glyphs. In older TeX distributions, you might even end up with bitmap fonts in your output.

The Latin Modern fonts are a better alternative (\usepackage{lmodern}), but they unfortunately don't contain bold small caps.


Ok, you need to add


and this updated command should do the trick

\huge \textbf{\textsc{Hello}}

To explain, LaTeX uses the curly braces {} to indicate scope for the formatting command. So if you type

\textbf{ ... }

then all the text between the curly braces is formatted in bold, including the



Small Caps Bold

Small Caps Bold

compared to regular small caps

small caps regular


In case someone finds this interesting, you can still use the old \bf, \sc, \it commands reconfiguring them as follows:


That way you will be able to use them as you want, and they will not override each other.