Hi guys, I reall hop you can help me wit this one.

I need to 1. Ascertain the diameter of a sphere given the radius (1 meter), the circumference (2n meters) and the area (4nr2 meters). 2. Estimate what percentage of your classmates will try to solve this problem by a) Googling, b) asking on some random web forum, c) reading the whole problem wherein the phrase 2 meters occurs for no apparent reason, d) guessing 3. Describe in your own words how you might interact with such a sphere (could you live on it? carry it around with you? is there one on campus?)

Remember to show your work. Handwritten only (no printouts).



The answer is 42. The answer is always 42.


Just direct your teacher to this post and save yourself the writing


Sit on the toilet for a few hours and the answer will probably present itself.


To such questions from my profs in college I always said : So that's what you want. I want a pony.


I'd answer, but I'm forced to recommend that you "google it" instead of wasting our time here, and also, I think the sphere would work much better in C#. Seriously, I mean "4nr2", what is that, some kind of pinko-communist Linux thing?