I recently got down-voted by a user who added a comment, saying "couldn't you have spent 15 minutes and looked this up on Google?".

My answer is "yes", but by asking on Stack Overflow, I feel like I am achieving my goal of getting the answer with less effort as well as helping the community in the future. By doing this, I am achieving the following:

  1. I am using the power of the community to sort out the best answer and avoid wasting any time searching on sites working through material that might not work out.

  2. The next person in the world that has this same question will get their answer immediately since the correct answer will be there at the top of the list on Stack Overflow.

So my question is: Do people think my argument is valid? Isn't the goal of the site to help future software developers find answers quicker? Or do you think I am simply trying to justify laziness?