A client came accross my website (most probably through google as I did some SEO to my website) and just contacted me, he's looking for an ASP.NET developer for some project. The problem is that I didn't do any serious freelance work here before and have no idea how much I should charge.

The problem is that if I try to be competitive and give a low rate they could think I'm a bad developer, on the other hand if I give a high rate they could go to others with lower rates, what's a good and reasonable rate for a freelance developer in Sydney, Australia?

Many thanks in advance ...


The main IT professional Job site in Australia is seek.com.au have a look at the contract jobs in there, you should get a feel for it depending on the contract length, experience etc.

If I had to guess I would say in this economic climate somewhere in the range $50 - $80 per hour would be around average for an experienced dev.


That's a bit localized. You need to check out the Sydney rags (I'm originally from Melbourne so I'd be looking at the Age but I think the SMH would do you, whatever day they have the IT section).

Also Seek and the likes on the web should give you an indication.

Even the permanent jobs, if they offer a wage. Tack on 9% for super, multiply by 4/48 to take holidays into account and then whack on another 10-20% (depending on your perceived skill level) for being a contractor and work out an hourly rate for that.

Start there and let them beat you down (if you really need the work) - I'm not sure what the market's like in Sydney (it's pretty cr*p in Perth at the moment but that's mostly the rolling back of the mining boom).


The suggestions seem a bit low to me, but I'm 20K km away. Some advice:

  • your pricing should ideally be based on value, not cost.
  • pricing should be dependent on the contract length. It takes time to find a new customer, and nobody is paying for that time.
  • freelance pricing is based on you being an expert. Calculate at least 20% for staying an expert.
  • freelancers buy their own equipment and software. Calculate at least $1000/month for that.
  • freelancers pay for their own health care, work insurance and retirement plans.
  • freelancers do their own administration (or at least most of it). Took me half a day a month and five once a year.
  • there's nothing wrong with telling a customer that you like this job so good that you're giving him 20% off this month. (time-limiting is a good idea)