1240 What should a developer know before building a public web site?
913 I'm graduating with a Computer Science degree but I don't feel like I know how to program.
840 What's your favorite "programmer" cartoon?
831 What is your best programmer joke?
695 Senior programming 'guru' who can't program - should I find a different career?
636 What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills?
612 How do you clear your mind after a day of coding?
591 What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused?
531 Great programming quotes
527 What good technology podcasts are out there?
415 What do you use to keep notes as a developer?
405 What are five things you hate about your favorite language?
392 What's your favorite "programmer ignorance" pet peeve?
379 Surprise for a programmer on Birthday
376 Keyboard for programmers
368 Why is Git better than Subversion?
366 What's your most controversial programming opinion?
357 What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?
341 What real life bad habits has programming given you?
339 What non-programming books should programmers read?
300 What is the one programming skill you have always wanted to master but haven't had time?
279 As a programmer what single discovery has given you the greatest boost in productivity?
273 What PHP framework would you choose for a new application and why?
269 What Easter Eggs have you placed in code?
267 What was "The Next Big Thing" when you were just starting out in programming?
266 Dealbreakers for new programming jobs?
265 Is 4-5 years the “Midlife Crisis” for a programming career?
264 Worst UI You've Ever Used
253 How can you tell if a person is a programmer?
253 Anti-Joel Test
247 Perks for new programmers
222 How to hide Thinking at Work so that the Non-Programmers don't suspect Slacking?
218 Confessions of your worst WTF moment
217 What should every programmer know?
215 What are the best RSS feeds for programmers/developers?
213 How to deal with a program that has become self aware?
211 What code would you have on your wedding cake?
211 How do I move the turtle in LOGO?
197 What's the most egregious pop culture perversion of programming?
196 What things didn't you know you needed but are now very glad you have?
192 How can I get addicted to programming?
178 One piece of advice
178 I need this baby in a month - send me nine women!
173 What coding mistakes are a telltale giveaway of an inexperienced programmer?
167 Best Java book you have read so far
166 What is your favorite "programmer" t-shirt?
164 What is your solution to the FizzBuzz problem?
163 What are the best programming and development related Blogs?
162 How Can I Know Whether I Am a Good Programmer?
158 What's your take on the programming language Go?
157 Should I just give up on programming?
156 Biggest performance improvement you've had with the smallest change?
146 What is negative code?
141 What bug tracking software do you use?
140 What is the most important thing you weren't taught in school?
138 What is your motto as a Developer/Programmer?
138 How to become a "faster" programmer?
136 What was your first home computer?
136 How did you get your first programming job?
135 Programmers' last words
134 Alternative to Annoying Captcha in Forms: How to SMELL the difference between a Human Customer and a Spammy Robot?
130 What are things that make a programmer's life miserable?
128 What are the worst working conditions you have written code in?
122 Firefox add-on to simulate slow internet connection or limit bandwidth?
120 Most shameful/awesome language hack
119 Essential Programming Tools
118 Windows Azure vs Amazon EC2 vs Google App Engine
115 XKCD - Random Number
114 What is the worst interview question?
114 What Features Do You Want To See in .NET 5/C# 5?
113 Does the D programming language have a future?
113 As a programmer, what are some telltale signs that you're about to get fired or laid off?
110 Computer Language puns and jokes
110 What's Your Favorite Harmless Computer Practical Joke?
109 What is the best UI you've ever used?
109 Is the "loband" version of MSDN preferable?
107 "Plumber" Programmers vs. Computer Scientists
106 Most wanted feature for C# 4.0?
106 Programmer, not a blogger
103 Most Astonishing Violation of the Principle of Least Astonishment
102 Programming with ADD/ADHD
101 When did you know it was time to leave your job?
101 How to develop a career path for programmers in a small company?
97 Best Format for a Software Engineer's Resume
96 Are there any famous one-man-army programmers?
91 Defend zero-based arrays
90 How many people disable JavaScript?
89 Humor in code
89 What pronoun should your application use when addressing the user?
88 How do you educate your teammates without seeming condescending or superior?
87 What does your ~/.gitconfig contain?
87 Am I an idealist?
86 Best Scrum tools
86 Have I taken a wrong path in programming by being excessively worried about code elegance and style?
85 How do you track your hours?
85 What is your "best friend" as a programmer?
82 What software for your own personal use did you write?
81 Why do people think functional programming will catch on?
79 Career Day: how do I make "computer programmer" sound cool to 8 year olds?
78 What development book made the most impact on you as a developer?
78 Sleeping problems, computer addiction
78 How do you vent stress as a programmer?
76 What is the worst interviewee answer?
76 Code Chess: Fibonacci Sequence
76 Is MD5 really that bad?
75 Do most web 'programmers' (not designers) use WYSIWYG editors or hand code their HTML?
75 Should UTF-16 be considered harmful?
73 What is your bug/task tracking tool?
73 How do you keep a balance between working, training, health and family?
72 Why do programmers have to learn for their whole lives and aren't you afraid of that?
72 Interesting interview question...
71 Best programming novel to take on holiday
71 Punishment for breaking the build
71 .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio release date
71 What made programming easier in the last couple of years?
68 I was recently asked for my stackoverflow rep score in a job interview. Is that appropriate?
66 What was your first computer game that got you interested in computers?
66 What does '#' in C# mean?
66 What's your biggest fear as a programmer?
65 What is your favorite colorscheme FOR PROGRAMMING in Vim?
64 How do you beat procrastination?
64 How can I get rich just programming
64 Answers you frequently use, yet hate to hear?
64 How do you pull yourself out of a programming 'slump'?
64 How do you make people accept code review?
63 Favorite web host.
63 Is Linux ruining my chance at a good software engineering career?
62 Who in the software world do you admire the most?
62 Python v. Perl
62 Finding the time to program in your spare time?
62 What programming languages do the top tier Universities teach?
62 Why hasn't a faster, "better" language than C come out?
61 Why do people ask for computer (IT) help if you tell them you're a programmer?
61 What are the things Java got right?
61 What are some programming problems you initially get WORSE at?
60 Effective Strategies for Localization in .NET
59 What hurts the quality of your code most?
59 Correct pronunciation of `:=`
58 What Programming Book would you NOT recommend to Developers?
58 Best Static Website Generator
57 Why are vi and Emacs popular?
57 How can social networking sites make you a better developer?
56 What color scheme do you use for programming?
55 Do programmers peak?
55 Is doing a bit of freelancing while working full time a good idea?
54 What is the most poorly named application out there?
54 Dealing with Anti-Microsoft Trolls on The Internet
54 What is the WORST commit message you have ever authored?
53 How to (kindly) ask your users to upgrade from IE6?
53 When C-style cast is allowed?
52 How to prepare for a programming competition? Graphs, Stacks, Trees, oh my!
52 What is the worst code you've ever written?
52 What is the best way to discern an excellent programmer in a job interview?
52 How to suggest changes as a recently-hired employee ?
51 Audio while programming
51 32 vs 64 bits... what's the big deal?
51 Why print your code?
50 What do you consider the 1st principle(s) of programming?
50 Which C#/.NET blogs do you read?
50 I know how to program. Now how do I learn to design?
49 How to estimate the length of a programming task
49 Poll: Which Python IDE/editor is the best?
49 What is the strangest programming language you have used?
49 Am I too young to be worrying about college right now?
49 What's the difference between Scala and Red Hat's Ceylon language?
48 Are game developers paid well?
48 CakePHP vs. Codeigniter
48 Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
47 Programmer’s block
47 Hardest concept to grasp as a beginner
47 Offshoring: does it EVER work?
47 Affordable, Stable, ASP.NET MVC Hosting Exist?
47 Did I make a mistake starting programming with C++?
46 Best reason not to hire a PhD?
46 Should we hire someone who writes C in Perl?
46 Good ways of disciplining yourself when freelancing at home?
46 How to reconcile my support of open-source software and need to feed and house myself?
45 Linux vs Windows Programming?
44 What are some interesting coding exercises?
44 How do I work effectively with VERY messy legacy code
44 Is it wrong to go to interviews while employed?
44 Have you dealt with space hardening?
44 Why declare a variable in one line, and assign to it in the next?
43 How to be effective as a part-time programmer?
43 Are today's young programmers getting wrapped around the axle with patterns and practices?
43 Paying great programmers more than average programmers
42 Tips for Junior Programmers
41 How far should one take e-mail address validation?
41 The Programmer's Bill of Rights
41 Making money with Open Source as a developer?
41 What programming jobs do you aspire to?
41 How do I get domain knowledge to start programming for the finance industry?
40 Games to improve programming skills
40 Annoying or idiotic naming conventions?
40 Manager versus Developer as a career
40 Why isn't OCaml more popular?
40 Why not use Git?
40 How do software projects go over budget and under-deliver?
39 What is your single favorite development tool?
39 How to reduce time spent in meetings as a developer?
39 Nuggets of wisdom?
39 Too "careless" in programming?
39 Most regrettable design or programming decision you made?
39 What are the biggest potential time wasters in development?
39 How to deal with with programmers who refuse to indent their code?
39 Ideas for web development practical jokes?
39 For statement in C
38 Do programmers need a union?
38 Why did you become a programmer?
38 What would you wear to an engineering position interview?
38 How much does Website Development cost nowadays?
38 Why isn't Google Web Toolkit more popular?
38 How to overcome the "Everyone else's code sucks" attitude?
38 Career advice: I am best at what I hate most
37 Writing a good resume/CV
37 How long does it take to get an app approved for the AppStore?
37 Who are good web hosts for Ruby on Rails projects?
37 Programming as a meaningful profession?
37 Best Practices to End a Software Project.
36 What can I do to get better at estimating how long projects are going to take?
36 What Third Party Tools Exist To Use With Stackoverflow?
36 Refactoring: Do you follow The Boy Scout Rule?
35 How can I explain to a non-technical person what I do for a living?
35 Making the most of below-average team members
35 Best Cocoa/Mac OS X programming blogs?
35 Where do you declare variables? The top of a method or when you need them?
35 Delphi 2010 Beta: What's on your wishlist?
35 What do you do when your team leader doesn't know something simple?
35 Why did you stop using Tapestry?
34 Hello world: what did your first ever computer program do ?
34 What stupid policies affecting developers has your company introduced?
34 Best Open Source Java CMS
34 Dealing with awful estimates
34 What's the most painful product to develop against?
34 code review: Is it subjective or objective(quantifiable)?
34 Unusual interview question
33 Is there a site that can track all the domain names I own?
33 Webcomics besides XKCD
33 What is the best Laptop for programmers?
33 How do you deal with painful shoulders and cold fingers
33 What was the most important milestone in your programming career?
33 Free CodeRush Express: worth the time?
33 Java 2D Game Frameworks
33 What programming tools have you built for yourself?
33 Can a single developer still make money with shareware?
33 Software Developer vs Programmer...Why the difference?
33 The .NET Reactive Framework, IObservable, and Linq over Events
33 How do I know if I'm being truly clever and not just "clever"?
32 Big Web 2.0 sites written in Python?
32 What are some good posters you'd find in a programmer's room?
32 What should I give as a reason for leaving my current programming job?
32 What is The Zen of C++
32 Why use spaces instead of tabs for identation?
32 Criticize my code, please
32 Delphi components you can't live without
31 Best Places for Software Developer To Live
31 Do you have to be good at math to be a good programmer?
31 What is so great about Subversion?
31 Effective Ways to Introduce Agile into the Workplace?
31 MBA for a Computer Science guy?
31 How does one insert a backslash or a tilde into LaTeX?
31 What dead programming languages do you know?
31 What programming jobs would be best for a mathematician?
30 Sites for getting freelancer jobs
30 How to improve problem solving skills?
30 Good Practice Projects to Improve Programming Skills
30 How do I tell a senior programmer that you disagree with him
30 What "bad practice" do you do, and why?
30 Where do you keep your code?
30 What question would you have asked as an April Fool?
30 A potentially dangerous Request.Form value in MVC 2 & ASP.NET 4.0
30 Am I wasting my time?
29 Merit of screencasts vs text-based documentation?
29 Are we as programmers becoming too dependent on our IDEs?
29 Do you keep a programming journal?
29 Stupid, but commercially successful software
29 BlackBerry versus iPhone development
29 How do you motivate peers to become better developers?
29 Do programmers usually possess the "wake up late, go to bed late" personality type?
29 Ping a Specific Port
29 If you could unlearn everything you know, and start again
29 Why are most really fast servers written in C instead of C++?
29 C++ Interview question
28 Low energy, low cost 24/7 hardware linux box?
28 Thoughts on Google 20%?
28 Entering Unicode characters in LaTeX
28 Computer science undergraduate project ideas
27 Mac Virtualization: VM Ware Fusion or Parallels
27 What is your favorite visual studio plugin?
27 Is Stack Overflow reputation marketable?
27 Convert wife/husband/partner to a programmer
27 Where do all the old programmers go?
27 Language D compared to C++?
26 Best .NET Podcasts
26 Why does Microsoft Windows' performance appear to degrade over time?
26 Impressed or angry at http://www.cnprog.com?
26 Resources for faster programming
25 Best Programming Tutorial Sites
25 Best place to meet female programmers (for romance) ?
25 Top users on stackoverflow: slackers or superstars?
25 What operating system do you use for development?
25 What issues carry the highest risk in a software project?
25 What is the most frustrating restriction your IT department has ever put on you or your machine?
25 Programming information in your mother tongue
25 Do you ever talk about programming to non-programmers?
25 Most horrifying line of code you have ever seen?
25 Interesting Programming interview question
24 Which single IoC/DI container would you recommend using and why?
24 Where can I find cheap Java hosting?
24 FORTH love if honk then
24 Do you prefix your instance variable with 'this' in java?
24 What is your favorite esoteric programming language?
24 Best Programming Monitor
24 Are there famous developers using StackOverflow?
24 Why do programmers have such ridiculously prickly personalities?
24 When can you put "C++ Expert" on your CV?
24 How do you get yourself back "out of the zone" when the work day is over?
24 Space after LaTeX commands
24 What good code / programmer / geek tattoos have you seen?
24 Is Programming generally an overtime exempt field?
24 WPF: Any cool UI ideas i can look at?
24 Next Steps After Being Fired?
24 Setting Up Hudson for iPhone builds
24 What are the benefits and disadvantages in the approaches of C#, Java and Scala to Closures/Lambdas/...?
23 Why haven't torrents replaced HTTP downloads?
23 Developer Burnout Stories
23 Greasemonkey users: Here is your vote/reputation info plug-in for StackOverflow
23 What is the worst class/variable/function name you have ever encountered
23 What programming religious argument bothers you the most?
23 "Community Wiki" and SO meta-discussion
23 Do caffeinated drinks improve your programming productivity, or cause more problems?
23 C++ areas you look for during interview
23 Programming Related Songs
23 "Mentor" a senior programmer or colleague without insulting
23 What are the worst problems in game design?
23 iPhone development books
23 Would a Stackunderflow.com site for offtopic questions be heresy?
23 When is Visual Studio 2010 expected to RTM?
23 Boss doesn't believe my time estimate... advice/backup?
22 Best Programming Books in 2008
22 How do I make a POST request with curl
22 Good headphones for a noisy office
22 Does it matter where you get your CS degree
22 Are there any voting limits in Stackoverflow?
22 How reasonable is it to correct terminology in questions and tags?
22 What interesting programming bugs have you seen?
22 Average Amazon EC2 Instance Price for WEB HOSTING
22 How to avoid getting a beer belly from programming?
22 Top ten signs that your coworker is using stackoverflow?
22 What is your motivation?
22 Is it bad to ask google searchable questions on Stack Overflow
22 Appcelerator - who uses it?
22 Is writing comments inside methods not a good practice?
21 What is your favorite password storage tool?
21 Do you delete your own answer when it's a duplicate?
21 Best way to get started in XNA
21 What can I do with a home server?
21 Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on StackOverflow?
21 Stackoverflow: Should I answer my own question, or not?
21 What's the best indie game development environment?
21 Stackoverflow on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, hi5!, Orkut)
21 What programming language is now the most influential?
21 Are good programmers good writers?
21 How to handle people who lie on their resume
21 How should disputes be handled on Stack Overflow?
21 Attitudes toward foreign programmers
21 The wrong tool for the job
21 Why does Amazon.com have <!-- MEOW --> at the end of their landing page?
21 What every web developer should know?
21 Math background required for systems programming? How much so?
21 What’s the point in having “www” in a URL?
20 How can I indicate that I am a "cooperative" questioner?
20 What is a programmer's life like?
20 Using "Foo" and "Bar" in examples
20 Who sells the cheapest EV SSL certificate?
20 You are or will be a laid off programmer - what do you do a year ago, right now, tomorrow, and next week?
20 How to be an eco-friendly programmer?
20 How do you know if you've been programming too long?
20 What to bring to a programming interview?
20 How to convince my boss to provide quiet working conditions?
20 What is the most difficult type of software to write?
20 What was the most difficult concept you had to grasp throughout your entire software development career?
20 How to fairly decide upon share structure between 1 programmer and 2 "business" guys
20 Funniest code names for software projects
20 How can you be a quality programmer in a programming team?
19 What programming language do you wish would catch on?
19 LaTeX: How to add a matrix in a LaTeX document?
19 Modern books on algorithms
19 Are people with certain Myers Briggs personality types drawn to careers in programming/development?
19 What single URL should every web developer have bookmarked?
19 What do you do during a build?
19 How do "Badges" work in Stackoverflow?
19 Places where computers are used correctly in movies
19 What are the rules on using the stackoverflow logo?
19 Programmer's career path
19 What do you miss when you have to use C instead of C++?
19 What's the best Java-based forum software?
19 How to cook turkey programatically?
19 What is the relationship between programming and music?
19 Answering questions on stackoverflow: Justified at work?
19 Max pages for a Software Engineer's resume?
19 What programming "stage" do you think you've reached?
19 How does the bounty system work in Stackoverflow?
19 What (free) web development IDEs do people use?
19 Best personal desktop wiki?
19 Telerik RadControls VS DevExpress DXPerience
19 What's your "ceremony" after finishing your project or solving a hard problem?
19 What's the Erlang/Haskell job market like in the U.S.?
19 Should you restrict developers internet access?
19 What Buzzwords Should We Be Wary Of
19 Please list specific examples of the benefits of using lambda expressions
19 How Can I get programming experience without working in a company?
19 What is "Real world programming" ?
19 What can POST do, GET can't do?
19 How easy is it to jump into someone else's code C#?
19 What's a regular language?
19 Interviewing - convincing young interviewers that my experience matters
19 What makes a bad programming language bad?
19 How do I get started with HTML5 when I come from a Flash background?
18 Editing for broken english: Acceptable?
18 How to forcibly close a socket in TIME_WAIT?
18 Is Microsoft's Ribbon UI really that great, from a usability perspective?
18 Skills in demand during 2009
18 Why do companies use Source Safe?
18 Why is it that people write free software, such as openoffice, spybot etc?
18 Do StackOverflow questions represent the current state of the programming industry?
18 What are the advantages/disadvantages of a 4/10 work week for developers?
18 Anyone know any programming related poetry?
18 Why are initial estimates taken for granted?
18 Is it worthwhile to author programming books?
18 When a potential employer wants "code samples", what do they REALLY want?
18 Am I being unreasonable in rejecting candidates with poor spelling and grammar?
18 Should you start coding whilst young?
18 Where's the clean code?
18 What can I do to not worry about always having perfect code and having future scope creep?
18 What is a good HTML5 book?
18 Got Hacked. Want to understand how.
18 Should a developer always use version control
18 I still can't figure out how to program!
18 Do real developers use UML and other CASE tools?
18 What are your most useful own library extensions?
17 Best Development Methodology for One Person?
17 How to handle a "stupid user"
17 Secrets for burning the midnight oil
17 What's the program you've really wanted to write but never found the time?
17 When should correct answers get downvoted?
17 Login or Log in?
17 What programming language should be taught in Computer Science 101?
17 Have you ever written an useful method which looked totally stupid at first sight?
17 Why does StackOverflow work?
17 What are the hot languages of 2009?
17 How to extract files from MSI package?
17 Getting out of a deep career rut
17 What does your development environment look like?
17 How to generate a universe?
17 Bare minimum for an independent developer
17 How do you know you have what it takes to be a professional programmer?
17 How to add a URL to a latex bibtex file?
17 Staying Relevant As a Programmer
17 Why is ++x preferred to x++?
17 What do you do when your boss doesn't care about code quality?
17 One advice you would give yourself 5 years ago?
17 Which applications are best developed in C++ over C# in today's business?
17 Logic question: People standing in a line
17 How Many Unique C++ Compilers are there?
16 Is it poor etiquette to answer your own question?
16 What's the best way to contribute to Stack Overflow if you don't have a ton of technical knowledge?
16 Efficient workday
16 Dump Microsoft SQL Server database to an SQL script
16 Etiquette for closing your own questions
16 How to mitigate sore back during long programming runs.
16 Certification... Worth it or worthless?
16 Enhancing StackOverflow "user experience"
16 Wat gebeurt er met een vraag die niet in het engels wordt gesteld? / What happens to questions that aren't in English?
16 How do you get yourself to focus?
16 How does Editing work in Stack Overflow?
16 Is the current economic crisis affecting your job as software developer?
16 Most amusing job self-description?
16 What do DBAs do all day?
16 What is the maximum number of hours should you do programming on a normal day?
16 When should I tell my boss that I'm thinking about looking for another job?
16 Where did "Foo" and "Bar" come from?
16 What is the point of voting up a question?
16 Best book on ASP.NET 3.5 (C#) programming?
16 Tiling Window Manager for Mac OS X?
16 Good Visual Studio SVN Tool
16 Should we solve project Euler problems in SO?
16 How Can I Recognize Well-Engineered PHP Code?
16 Do any other developers get yelled at for making every thing public?
16 At what point do you put your SO reputation in your resume?
16 What's the coolest startup programmer job title?
16 Have you ever recognized source code in a movie?
16 Blackberry Development Tips, Tricks & Gotchas
16 How possible is it to estimate time for programming projects?
16 What is programming?
16 Oracle to buy Sun. What will the future of Java be?
16 How will Quantum computing affect us?
16 What is your wishlist for Python 3.2 (or Python 3.x)?
16 Programmer Desk
16 Does anyone have an MBA and a Computer Science Degree?
16 What are the best cities of Europe to pursue a career as a Software developer/engineer?
16 Has anyone used Sproutcore?
16 What is your favorite "C++0x" sample?
16 Real iPhone Devs Don't Use Objective-C Anyway!?
16 Choosing the Microsoft path - getting on board of a sinking ship?
16 How long is a CS degree good for?
16 In Delphi is there any reason not to use exit?
15 Is OpenGL dead?
15 How do you answer the "Why do you want to work here?" interview question?
15 Is reputation important?
15 How to Keep Your Developer Team Educated
15 What fun things do you do to release stress at the office?
15 Which chemical stimulation do you require while coding?
15 Tips for effectively tagging questions.
15 the downside of reputation points (and why stackoverflow will die)
15 How do you generate that default avatar in Stackoverflow?
15 Is there a tool to measure pixels on a screen
15 Anything like the Debian Package Manager for Windows?
15 Vendors on StackOverflow
15 Reaching Intermediate Programming Status
15 Which blog engines, written in Python, do you recommend?
15 Best light weight JavaScript IDE
15 How do you handle rude clients?
15 What's your favorite easter egg?
15 Ethics of assisting other programmers, where do we draw the line?
15 Language for non-programmers to start learning programming
15 How would you move Mount Fuji?
15 Applying programming concepts to day to day life
15 How do you report a spammer on SO?
15 Fun with SQL (games, painting, puzzles)
15 Would you put an adult site on your resumé?
15 How can I improve my technical writing?
15 Should We Avoid Clueless Customers?
15 What are the funniest programmer videos?
15 What was the worst 3rd party API you had to work with?
15 What have you heard about "the real world" from academia that is completely incorrect?
15 iPhone versus Android : Developer results
15 Updating a web app without any downtime
15 When is the right time to join open source project for programmer?
15 Programmer working conditions
15 How can skills at software development be used as a Private Investigator?
15 What's best choice career-wise, to know a little about a lot or a lot about a little?
15 GitHub Etiquette
14 What do you use to store all of your personal data?
14 Favorite place to buy tech books (excluding Amazon)
14 What would motivate you to change jobs?
14 What can software developers do to be more "green"?
14 Tagging questions 'duplicate' in StackOverflow?
14 Is it bad etiquette to mention your own products in a StackOverflow answer?
14 What ETL tool do you use?
14 What is the best remote backup provider?
14 What skills are worth learning for a programming career and/or resume?
14 Is it useful to post questions I already know the answer to on Stack Overflow?
14 Applying for a programming position--include my Salary Requirements?
14 Do you use Vim for your notes?
14 Your most time-consuming task as a developer?
14 Online poll ballot stuffing
14 When voting an answer down, is it polite to add a comment giving a reason?
14 Scaling databases with cheap SSD hard drives
14 Best way to relate code smells to a non technical audience?
14 What is the Future of C++ Language & Developers?
14 Do you go to stackoverflow for the answers or to learn?
14 I'm new to StackOverflow, what should I consider before asking questions?
14 Totally Sweet Horizontal Rules in LaTeX
14 What does Jeff Atwood mean with NAMBLA?
14 Anyone plotting SO via code_swarm?
14 What features do you miss in C++?
14 Dangers that threaten a project near completion
14 VMware Workstation 7 vs. VMware Player 3 features?
14 SEO Tips and Tricks for web developers
14 How do you say "2^31" or "2**31" in English?
14 How can I improve my programming skills with out a computer (or reading material)?
14 Why does the boolean data type accept true or false values only
14 Best practices to develop distributed and scalable java applications (web or not)
13 What Perl module would you be lost without?
13 Pro Bono Work For Non-Profits
13 Is there ever a good reason to force opening a new browser window?
13 Remote job opportunities for software developers
13 Are you using ascii art to decorate your code ?
13 Password Cracking Windows Accounts
13 Other sites like stackoverflow
13 How do you keep your brain sharp for daily programming?
13 How do I make my customers not like me too much?
13 Is premature optimization really the root of all evil?
13 On SO - how much do I have to know before I ask a programming question?
13 Do you eat your own dogfood?
13 Do you actively look for a better job?
13 What do project/program managers do all day?
13 Using Stack Overflow as a Job Interview
13 How to recognize a good programmer?
13 Programming Jobs In Banking Sector - Too Good To Be True?
13 Why do Stackers consistently vote down humorous responses?
13 Will Python 3.0's backwards-incompatibility affect adoption?
13 What's your favourite character?
13 Change management's mind?
13 Stack Overflow etiquette for thanking users who answered my question
13 How do I manage conflict in the workplace?
13 Statistical library for Java
13 How can I sort du -h output by size
13 What magnitude of personal projects do you put on your resume?
13 Do you Log In, Log On, Sign In or Sign On?
13 How does comment voting work?
13 Is Software Engineering Dead?
13 Is SOAP obsolete?
13 What's the difference between <b> and <strong>?
13 Leveraging hobby experience to get a job
13 I am a team of 1. What design methodology should I be using?
13 Is 26 too young to become a technical manager?
13 Forbidden to use for loop!
13 Alternatives to "designed and developed" in resumes
13 Best SCRUM books
13 How to become a "Software Engineer"
13 How can I truly master Javascript?
13 How to market R at your institute?
13 Code readability issue
13 The importance of Design Patterns with Javascript, NodeJs et al.
13 how do people have so much knowledge about C++ standard?
13 Why were Java collections implemented with "optional methods" in the interface?
12 What's a good book for learning ASP?
12 SIMPLE Bug Tracking Suggestions?
12 Why do people on SOFlow seem to think finding programming jobs is trivial?
12 Is there anything like TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSVN for git?
12 What's the correct monitor height for large monitors?
12 How can one link/merge/combine/associate two Stack Overflow accounts/users? (Anonymous/unregistered/cookie or OpenID/registered)
12 What is the best Java numerical method package?
12 What is your funniest end user story?
12 What skills do you think are essential to becoming a jedi programmer?
12 How does the Offensive Flag work in Stackoverflow?
12 What's faster? PHP vs ASP vs JSP vs CGI etc
12 Agile Web/Graphic Design
12 When you accept an answer should you also vote it up?
12 What are your must-have editor features?
12 Best Amazon S3 File Manager Utility?
12 Tricks to staying positive
12 How to deal with questions from people who don't know enough to ask?
12 Is Nant dead?
12 char vs char - how do you pronounce it?
12 What are the important problems of our field right now?
12 The Application that helped your programming the most in 2008
12 Funny/Interesting software limitations due to design choices
12 Worst aspect of Python for a newbie
12 Should everyone have to defend a down-vote?
12 Best work from home tips ?
12 Stack overflow etiquette for answering your own question
12 How to spend as little time with computer as possible?
12 What is an Average that does not include outliers?
12 How to ask questions to an obstructionist?
12 What do I do when my team leader is breaking my database schema with a release coming up?
12 Stackoverflow Favorites wordpress plugin : Sidebar Widget
12 Developer-centric iPhone applications
12 What is the purpose of interfaces?
12 Best Practices and Etiquette for Setting up Email Notifications
12 Does open source look impressive on a resume?
12 Should non-technical project managers be paid more than programmers?
12 How to get software done fast?
12 What's the best kludge you've ever seen in code?
12 Parsing logfiles and applying logic - any suggestions?
12 How many job changes is too much for a given period of time?
12 Advice for Managing a difficult client.
12 LaTeX - Description list - How to put the definition on a new line?
12 What's the most elegant 10-20 line function you've seen/written?
12 They don't hire you - what's the best followup?
12 Writing a Programming Book: How Lucrative?
12 Will Google find out that Adsense pops up on my website?
12 What tasks should all programmers be able to do?
12 Downfall of Open Source Projects while seeking employment
12 How to rate one's java skills?
12 Bug Tracking App for a solo developer...?
12 Interview question to ask on knowledge of multi-threading
12 Aren't there compilers better at telling the programmer what's wrong in a code ?
12 How should C++ Unit Test code be organized for maximum Unit Test efficiency?
11 Best Blogs for Software Architecture
11 What Is the most beautiful code you have ever seen or written?
11 Seaching for a good XML Diff Tool
11 Usable JSP/Servlet Hosting
11 What is the single best typing tutor for Linux? (Please only one program per answer)
11 What are some good performance goals for a software engineer?
11 How do you pronounce the following computer/programming terms:
11 Favorite option for source control under $70?
11 Partner, Parent and Programmer
11 Windows 2008 VPS hosting experiences
11 How to deal with the developers refusing to use certain technologies or tools?
11 What's your favorite programmable calculator?
11 Should LOGIC-techniques be blended into Mainstream Programming?
11 How to show a company buy-out on a resume
11 Why is Stack Overflow so Microsoft-centric?
11 Criteria for up-voting
11 Time Machine for Windows?
11 Are Shakespeare's monkeys here?
11 Have you ever actually coded an app in pure ASM?
11 How do you sustain motivation when working on personal projects?
11 Knowing or not knowing the salary of your co-worker?
11 How do I improve my typing skills?
11 Is most software development today in web applications?
11 What do you do to make coding more enjoyable?
11 How to Leverage Clearcase's features
11 Links Between Personality-Types and Language/Technology Preferences?
11 Why do arrays start from zero?
11 When is it reasonable to create my own programming language?
11 Programming: School vs Professional
11 Fun: What's the Craziest Code You've Ever Written
11 How Do I Pursue A Better Career?
11 Repeat a unix command every x seconds forever.
11 Can I permanently prevent Java security updates from installing Yahoo Toolbar?
11 Real world applications of erlang
11 Latex Small Caps and Bold Face
11 Do you put languages you don't like on your resume/CV?
11 Assignment due Friday
11 Does anyone regret becoming a developer as a career choice?
11 What's the nicest ASCII table you've seen?
11 Algorithm challenge: placing operators to complete a mathematical equality
11 What is the biggest project you've handled yourself?
11 Is there a community for beginning programmers?
11 Can Agile/Scrum be used by 1 or 2 developers?
11 Why is bash everywhere?
11 Ever had to "dumb down" for a job?
11 What is the best example of a bug being turned into a useful feature?
11 How to test equality of floating point numbers?
11 I'm making a resume...what would you consider as intermediate python programming skills?
11 How do you handle your Project Manager
11 'Software is never finished. It is only abandoned!, is it so?
11 What is the difference between "Page Break" and "New Page"?
11 Why do we not use Java style iterators?
11 Creating a Collaborative Programing Environment
11 Do any security experts recommend bcrypt for password storage?
11 Writing C++ expert on my CV
11 Putting a programming language on your resume?
11 How to learn to translate real world problems to code?
11 Rewriting IBM assembler + COBOL in C++
10 Best Filesystem to use for Desktop Linux?
10 What is the best free ISO mounting software?
10 Is accepting an answer discouraging more answers?
10 What programming books do you recommend?
10 How to Use 3 Monitors
10 how to throttle bandwidth on a linux network interface
10 What's the best free defragmentation tool for Windows?
10 What is the policy here on homework?
10 How do I increase VirtualBox resolution past 800x600 in Linux?
10 What do you use for game dev?
10 What are the Mac OS X terminal choices?
10 What's the best free and opensource PHP ecommerce solution? (and why?)
10 How did you first get interested in programming?
10 Useful Stackoverflow Greasemonkey Scripts?
10 Map SSH drive in Windows
10 How do you track what caused a move in your reputation?
10 How Can A Question or Answer be Deleted?
10 What is the worst software idea you've had?
10 Which book should I read first: Pragmatic Programmer or Code Complete?
10 Which programming language to learn now?
10 What is the best programming language for web development and why?
10 How much should a contractor charge as a day rate?
10 stack overflow at line 105
10 Has Programming changed your life?
10 Job postings, where do you post your resume?
10 How to get my first programming job.
10 Have You Ever Worked On Code Older Than You Are?
10 There are no stupid questions - or are there?
10 Law for Computer Scientists & Programmers
10 How to make your IT Resume/CV stand out?
10 Good Ruby/Rails testing tutorial?
10 Is it right to let someone shoot themselves in the foot?
10 Programming is more a science or an art expression?
10 SEO + international sites? country.domain.com or domain.country?
10 What Things are Most Conducive to a Productive Programming Environment?
10 What application have you integrated with/developed on - that you would intentionally leave off your resume
10 Any PICK programmers on Stack Overflow?
10 Why have not-programming-related tag, if all questions under this tag get closed anyway?
10 Best Filesystem for Solid State Disk?
10 What programming language offers the best salaries?
10 How to make money from a small opensource utility?
10 Is there any reason for placing upper limits on passwords?
10 Turn off buffering in pipe
10 What do you do when a client requires Rich Text Editing on their website?
10 How to become a better c++ programmer
10 How does Stack Overflow work so well with search engines?
10 How many lines of code should I aim for in each method?
10 Difference between UI and UX
10 The most abusive C++ you've ever seen used?
10 The Hidden Risks of Cloud Computing?
10 Why it is necessary to put comments on check-ins?
10 Are "<i>" and "<b>" tags actually deprecated?
10 I am not the most logically-organized person. Do I have any chance at being a good 'low-level' programmer?
10 A Thanksgiving Thank You
10 Is it acceptable for developers to have little or no knowledge of UI design?
10 Recommended Schooling / Certification for an impoverished programmer
10 How to make developers learn from each other?
10 Beautiful web UI
10 Software development and design rules of thumb
10 Which book do you recommend for learning the C programming language?
10 Alternatives to std::vector<>?
10 How much is too much for a lone developer?
10 What do you do after a big project?
10 Should developers be forced to check-in before leaving work each day, even if the code does not compile?
10 How do you check the date for April 1st so my websites unicorn prank happens at the correct time?
10 Advice on improving programming skills, learning capabilities?
10 google.com different IP in different countries. How?
10 Torrents: Can I protect my software by sending wrong bytes?
10 What optimizations are premature?
10 Learning while commuting
10 Is it okay to use dead poets names as sample contacts?
10 A developer's rules to live by
10 Arriving late to a daily stand-up meeting
10 What programming language is this?
10 What haskell blogs do you follow?
10 Why do most languages provide a min-heap instead of a max-heap implementation?