I'm building a home office and looking for the ultimate desk. Lot's of resources about the great desk chairs, but very little on great modern desks.

Requirements: $1000-$2000. Straight. No side cabinets. Attractive.

Electric adjustable would be nice, but I haven't found very attractive looking one. The one recommended in this thread is pretty ugly http://www.beyondtheofficedoor.com/adjustable-height-table.php

The Herman Miller Sense desk looks nice: http://www.csnofficefurniture.com/asp/superbrowse.asp?clid=32&caid=&sku=HML1212&refid=PG7-HML1212 . Big fan of Herman Miller after my Aeron and Mirra. Does anyone have any experience with their desks?

EDIT: Thanks for reopening everyone. I program at a desk over 14 hours a day so this is a very relevant programming question to me. There is also precedent on this site for this type of question.