My boss wants me to add a javascript to the companies website that makes Adsense's links popups. This is a violation of Google's terms and conditions. How big is the chance Google will find out about this?

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Google's spiders routinely crawls the web to update its search engine. Part of the data they retrieve gets sent to their AdSense division. There's a very high likelyhood that they can figure out you are popping up their AdSense, and will terminate your account.

Also, many people (myself included) will report a site to Google when AdSense ads pop up, because I find popup ads very annoying. Even one frustrated technologically-savvy user that complains is enough to get your AdSense shut down by Google. Since I'm assuming you want to get lots of hits on your website (otherwise advertising would be stupid to begin with!), it is just a time bomb waiting to happen.

I thought it would also be prudent to mention that "pop-ups" does not just refer to a window popping up on top of another. CSS/JavaScript positioned elements to call attention to the ads are also a TOS violation.

Don't mess around with popups and jeopardize possible future revenue.


This is one of those situations where an ethical developer would refuse to perform the boss' orders. In the long run, this will protect the employer's interests too.

Now what a real-world developer with a family to feed will do may be another matter...


probably 100%. google knows everything.


It's his decision. Let them find out, let them blacklist his account and once that has happened give him an annoying "I told you so!" shrug and laugh like a madman.


If Google are indexing your site then I imagine they will definately know.

Not a wise thing to do.


Not only is it against the TOS, it's annoying and more likely to drive people away from the website. The better plan would be to make the website successful so that people want to go there. If you figure 1 in 100k clicks a link then if you're under that number making popups will just make the 100k that much more unachievable.


I personnally know a lot of people who lost their accounts because of actions like this. If you think you can outsmart them you would be quite surprised. My buddy did this and it took 3 days for Google to find out. He is now not allowed to ever use adsense.


You will lose your account if you do this. I highly recommend against it.