I've seen (and written) plenty of posts which have been edited by others to correct typos, broken URLs and so on. I think everyone can agree this is a good thing.

How about editing for poor/broken English? I'm a bit of a stickler for correct grammar and spelling (my mother was an English teacher, poor me), but I can foresee this being a sensitive issue.

There is also the issue when changing the actual wording/spelling of things and inadvertently altering the meaning of the question...

Is this acceptable? Thoughts?

I'd particularly be interested in the views of any users who have learned English as their second/third language and do not know it terribly well. Would you be offended if I edited your post so it uses correct grammar and so on?


The consensus seems to be that editing for grammar/spelling is fine and to proceed. Thanks to everyone for their input.

P.S. Also thanks Greg Hurlman for pointing out the shortcomings in my own question :-)