I've used it, I've read examples using it, I've tried to search why people use it... but still?

Why do you use Foo and Bar when writing an example?

And specially, where did Foo and Bar come from?


I always thought probably the same "foo" as in "foo fighters". A quick check...

Wikipedia - Foo Fighter

Basically, "foo" came first, was a clear root of "foo fighters", and a probable root of "FUBAR".

I thought foobar was probably based on all those decorations added to symbols in math, kind of like "now we differentiate foo to get foo-prime, blah-de-blah to get foo-hat, and finally we add the widgets and blodgets to get foo-bar" kind of thing.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if FUBAR was actually a distortion of foobar, the latter coming first.