Most Delphi developers have a list of Delphi components they wouldn't live without. Not including anything that ships with Delphi (standard VCL or included third-party software like Rave or Indy), what are the components you can't live without, be they commercial or open-source?

One component or product name per answer, please. Please do not post duplicates.

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  • Virtual TreeView for being the best TreeView/ListView component ever with a very clever concept

MadExcept (find easily the cause of strange errors and exceptions).

  • FastMM 4 - yup, I'm still using Delphi 7 thus it is quite necessary. Memory leak tracking is trivial now :)

FastReport (The best report engine I have used in my life).


Developer Express Quantum Grid, in my opinion the best Delphi grid component due to it's flexibility and features.


Eurekalog, which provides us with detailed error logs. It is really so much easier to find an Access Violation or any other bug when you have a stacktrace.


TurboPower - No longer a commercial suite, it lives on as open source.

  • XML Partner
  • String Resource Manager
  • B-Tree Filer
  • Internet Professional
  • Orpheus
  • Abbrevia
  • ShellShock
  • Visual PlanIt
  • Essentials
  • LockBox
  • OnGuard
  • SysTools
  • Async Professional CLX
  • FlashFiler
  • SysTools for Kylix
  • Object Professional
  • OfficePartner
  • Async Professional

Can I pick a component set? I'd say the JVCL, because it's got a lot of useful stuff in there, over a broad range of categories, that makes my work a lot easier, and it fills in a lot of gaps in the VCL. For example, a more comprehensive set of data-aware controls, a couple different folder-selection controls, and the JVPlugin framework, which is crucial to a lot of my personal work.


Graphics32 - An excellent graphics library that we use in several of our applications.


Omni Thread Library


I have been using TMS Components for many years! Well worth the money!

For example, TMS has a number of components that can load/save data in a variety of formats (XML, DOC, CSV, XLS, TXT, HTML) and my users love this ability ... using TMS, it was only a matter of writing a few lines of codes. Specific TMS components I regularly use: Scripter Studio and AdvStringGrid (inside Component Pack).

Besides components, I strongly recommend using the GExperts extensions to the IDE.

(Sorry for the lack of links ... I guess I need to earn some more reputation points).


Devart database components(ODAC, MyDAC, SDAC,IBDAC and the newest UniDac).


CodeSite by Raize


Most Delphi programmers don't know CnPack but it is one of the best tool in IDE enhancement. It is free and open source (thanks to the generous community of Chinese Delphi programmers). It makes code cleaner and more compliant to the coding standards. It improves code completion and many other tools for faster coding.


AnyDAC - all what is needed for a fast DB (Oracle, Firebird, Postgres, SQLite, etc) access in one place.


Digital Metaphors' ReportBuilder - because it instantly adds a powerful, consistent, flexible reporting system to my software*, and because DexExpress, TMS and TurboPower components had all been mentioned already :-)

*I know Delphi ships with report building software but it changes over time and quite honestly none of the ones I've seen have come close to Report Builder. We've been using it since it was called Piparti, about a billion years ago, and it never lets you down.


NextSuite (Very nice and light Grid, with other nice looking components).


GLScene : OpenGL based 3D library for Delphi

  • The Jedi Apilib and the Jedi Windows Security Library: The JWA library aims to provide a conversion from C to Delphi of as many headers as possible from the PSDK etc. The JWSCL (security library) is an advanced object-oriented framework for programming with the Windows security features (ACL, Tokens, etc.)

TPerlRegex, which adds regular expression support to Delphi.


ImageEN - http://www.hi-components.com


Raize Components, for all of the subtle enhancements it brings to many of the standard components. Custom framing easily can give any application a bit more polish.


Personally, I cannot live without TSmiley:



TRichView is a must have for almost any kind of application.


DSPack: Components and class to write Multimedia Applications using MS Direct Show and DirectX technologies.


SpTBX - Great toolbar + controls with skinning support.


FastCode and FastMove because without any effort you can make your application lightning fast.



It is a very fast in-memory database table, comes with some nice features for saving and reading to files/streams and I'm a real big fan of the way that the resolver works (allowing updates to be resolved to a database if required)


Delphi PCRE for Perl compatible regular expression support.

[these should be another answer, please ignore them: FastCode and FastMove because without any effort you can make your application lightning fast. Delphi ZLib wrapper.Scintilla editor Delphi wrapper.]


tnt unicode libraries (im using d2007)


JSDialog Pack - Very flexible dialog components that also makes your application look great!


NativeExcel - A nice Delphi library for working with Excel files!



DBGridEh from EhLib by dmitry bolshakov is very good grid component. its not so complicated as DevEx Grids, but definitely worse mention! And excellent memtable component + tree-like view is nice addition to popular grid!)


ESB Professional Computation Suite for VCL (ESBPCS for VCL). Great components plus terrific libraries (time, dates, strings, currencies, astronomy, etc., etc.,)

Max Williams





Tcomponent :)

Joke aside, fastreports


FastMM, RemObjects suite, DevExpress suite, FastReport, SmartInspect, EurekaLog, AnyDAC


Still using Delphi 7 for some work, so CodeRush is one tool I use all the time. We have a scheduling application that uses TAppRunner from Jan Goyvaerts.



FibPlus in number one database connection component for Firebird and Interbase. Have some advanced features.


Turbo Power


TRichView is THE best Delphi document editor component! Extensive features, full document and editor control, can't live without that one! www.trichview,com


WpTools - www.wptools.com the mosto powerfull RTF Editor.


TeeChart from Steema for charting, graphs and a nice export.


Can I say the WITH statement? Correctly used, it makes code so much more compact and easier to read than dereferencing objects C++ and C-Sharp


Although not an answer to the actual question, I think that professional software should not use 3rd party components unless really necessary. It usually makes the application look more professional if you design your own visual components, specifically for your application. And, when it comes to non-visual components, what can they do that you cannot do yourself using Windows API? Really, if you are a competent Delphi/Win32 API developer, you can probably do most of the work yourself. Not only will you learn from this, but you get precise control over the functionality.

I am not saying one should never use 3rd-party components at all. Indeed, you might need components for highly non-trivial algorithms, encoding/decoding of complicated file formats etc., but in general I feel that there is too much fuzz about 3rd-party components.

Please do read the comments for some interesting discussion (and some clarifications).