I looked briefly, but I didn't see anything right off. Does anyone know anything for


I just uploaded my own windows Git shell extensions that I build in the last few days. It is still in development, but I am using it myself. I plan to open a SourceForce.net page here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=246547

Download GitExtensions

Git extensions offers:

  • Shell extension for Git
  • Visual Studio (2008) plugin for Git
  • GUI for Git

The following functions are available for all three forms of Git GUI:

  • Add files
  • Branch
  • Checkout
  • Commit
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Single file history
  • Full development history
  • Basic difference reports
  • Cloning
  • Browsing repository

There is currently no installer, just unzip the zip file and you will be able to run the UI.

To enable the Shell Extension, just run register.bat, to disable, run unregister.bat. If this does not work, just edit the bat file to make it work.

To enable the visual studio 2008 plugin, you need to copy the Addin directory to your "my documents\Visual Studio 2008\" folder. You probably need to edit the GitPlugin.addin file. This line needs to point to the correct file: c:\GitExtensions\GitPlugin.dll


Now you have Tortoisegit. Anyway, it's important to learn how to use the command line. Git is a powerfull tool but it's no as easy as SVN.

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GitCheetah was in active development for a while, but you can tell from the comments that the developer got fed up with people saying "I want!" and doing nothing to help.

For graphically viewing diffs, staging, committing, etc., git-gui is quite useful. gitk is wonderful for viewing history. I've used both native on Windows, and with X forwarding using Xming.


GitNub is excellent for viewing code and history, but doesn't do any actual editing (adds/deletes etc). Is also OSX only


Assuming you are meaning for windows I'd say the answer is no. I've only ever found CLI clients for git, and even still the windows git ports always seem to be second class and not very stable.


Eclipse GIT is a Eclipse plugin for git. It's fairly new and I've personally never used it. However the feature set and screenshot's look fairly decent, I think it's definitely worth checking out.

( I think part of it might have even been a google summer of code project? )



Yes, I am looking for Windows, but if you know of something good for Linux or Mac or anything else, someone might find it useful.


qgit is actively developed and looks really nice... not sure if they do Windows though


qgit does work with Windows. I'm using it now. I am finding however that it's best to learn the command line rather than try to use the gui tools - git just seems to "think" in text.

The only thing it is better for is viewing history and diffs.