What is a good light weight JavaScript IDE?

I don't care too much for the one built into VS because it seams lacking.

I've been using 1st JavaScript Editor Pro as a alternative for working with JavaScript but I wanted to see if there is any thing else out there that is better and light weight.

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Notepad++ is a great lightweight text editor that includes support for JavaScript and many many other languages. It's simple, customizable, free, open-source, and gets the job done.


I use free Komodo Edit — lightweight yet customizable.


Aptana - may be its not very lightweight, but definitely the best. And free.


Zeus has support for the JavaScript language. It is highly configurable and packed full of programming features yet it remains fast loading and responsive. So it still runs and feels like a lightweight. You can even write Zeus macro scripts using JavaScript.

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At JetBrains we've just developed lightweight web IDE WebStorm that includes very smart JavaScript Editor with DOM-based and browser-based autocompletion.

Javascript Editor in fact is the same as in IntelliJ IDEA but the IDE itself is much easier and much cheaper too ;) Only features you need when you work with plain HTML/JS/CSS.


I agree with maxnk. Aptana Studio is awesome


Aptana Studio is great but SO EXTREMELY(sic) SLOW sometimes! I was using Aptana but I am now searching for an alternative too, as I can't stand its sluggishness any longer!


Eclipse with the webtools plugin. Not exactly lightweight, but definitely the best.


I'm not sure if NetBeans counts as light weight but it's still quite a decent IDE for JS. It does not include a specific project type for JavaScript, though. You can use Ruby or PHP project to get started.

Besides JS, it offers good CSS and HTML editors as well. Nice bonus considering the usual nature of JS development. Notably the CSS editor provides nice preview functionality.

Netbeans provides native support for Mercurial. The integration is seamless. Git and co. are available as plugins.

If you happen to like vim, there's a nice plugin available that you might find interesting. With jVi you just might get the best of the both worlds. :)


Notepad2 for me, bit lighter/quicker than ++, and easy instructions to replace windows notepad (so can run from commandline) : NotePad2