I'm trying to find a good Java cms, I've stumbled uppon some that are quite good like:

Apache Lenya, dotCMS, Info Glue, Open Edit, MMBase, Contelligent, Hippo CMS

Which on do you guys recommend, or even one that I'm missing, because I have some more that I am studying at the moment.

The requirements are that I can build modules for it with ease, and that it is open source and free, and with LDAP support.

The problem is that I'm not that into Java in web, that's why I'm having trouble finding a good one.

One Java cms like dotNetNuke would be the best.

Edit: Jahia is off the list because it has no suport for LDAP (community version)



To add to the list, there are Magnolia CMS (used by JBoss Community web site and Intel AppDeveloper, among others) and OpenCMS.

I've also worked with Liferay before and it's quite a pleasure, it's more a portal than CMS though.

What makes Java platform easier for development than PHP CMSes are its JCR API 1.0 and 2.0, and Portlet API (JSR 168) and Portlet 2.0 (JSR 286) specs, which work on most compliant Java CMS applications. JCR API makes content repository programming portable. Portlet specs makes portlet development more portable. The portlets you create can be deployed on any portlet container with no or minimal changes.

In PHP you'll need to write a module to a specific API (Joomla's, Drupal's, WordPress's, etc.). In Java you can also write to a proprietary API in addition to Portlet API.


Have you tried Liferay? It's quite popular and based on JCR. I've tried and works well with LDAP.


I know Hippo CMS works with LDAP. And as a front end you it's integrated with Jetspeed. Jackrabbit is used as a repository.



I'd certainly recommend riotfamily. It is mature, has a very responsive mailing list for support, looks beautifully and makes managing the site pure joy (inline editing, image editing tool, support for generic integration of hibernate managed pojos). And it supports LDAP.

There are some drawbacks I should mention. The documentation is virtually nonexistant, so if you're unfamiliar with spring and hibernate or hesitate when it comes to exploring sample projects, it has a pretty steep learning curve. Plus the many frameworks it uses make it relatively heavy on the server.

Despite these things it is my favorite cms (not only java).


Am in the same position looking for a Java based cms.. ufortunatly we cannot use PHP based one.. how about Alfresco?


I was missing this one in the list. :)


Have a look at Jease:


It's extensible from the ground up and a LDAP-Plugin should be very easy to do.


Hippo is free and has LDAP support: http://www.onehippo.org/site-toolkit/use+cms/installation/LDAP.html

As a delivery layer you have the choice to go for a portal (Jetspeed) or good old .jsp. Especially this last options good be good for you (you don't need in-depth java knowledge).


further mmbase development was dropped by the guys (VPRO.nl) that originally developed it. They now use Magnolia. AFAIK their decision was based on the massive performance problems they had with mmbase.


I would suggest www.cmsmatrix.org for anyone who has to compare CMS products. I find the comparison based on various features very useful to choose the products.

It definitely helps to bring the list down to a select few and getting opinion on those from specialists in SO is very helpful or you could check out the product blogs to compare any other specific features.


I lead a team that did a Magnolia CMS implementation, and we loved it. (So much, actually, that I later went to work for Magnolia directly.) We switched to it after working to implement one of the big closed-source CMS systems for two years, and never looked back.

To speak to your requirements:

  • The whole system is built on a modular architecture. Thus, any modules you write have access to all the functionality that the core system itself does.
  • There are two editions: the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. The CE is released under GPLv3. The EE (which is a collection of additional modules that sit on top of those in the CE) is licensed under the Magnolia Network Agreement, a "visible source" license that is more flexible than the GPL.
  • It does include LDAP support, but currently only in the Enterprise Edition. Authentication is, however, built on JAAS, so it's not too crazy to build one's own LDAP support.
  • In addition, the technical engineering is really good. I found myself banging my head against walls far less often with this than with the other commercial Java CMS I've used.

I hope that helps a bit.


I put together a brief overview of some opensource CMS that I've used. Personally I like ModeShape the most.


magnolia cms is simply the best



Glassfish Webspace is a good one.

I think its based on liferay.


see also www.liferay.com and www.xwiki.org .


Have you considered the GOSS solution? www.gossinteractive.com/java-cms


I know the topic is rather old, but I'd like to add another system to the list: pulse.

It uses XSLT 2.0 for templating and comes with a very usable CMS component. We use it on projects with 100k+ registered users. It has an e-commerce component with built in support for PayPal and Wirecard.

The whole design is that of a framework which makes it highly configurable.

Might be worth a try. But I have to add that I am not unbiased, being one of the project developers...


I would suggest Walrus CMS - I'm the author, so please pardon me my shameless marketing, but the system is really quite OK. It's built on Spring framework, so extending it would be really easy. Besides it's really nice and easy to use - no admin interface, just point, click, edit, save.


Wow! no one mentioned the Jboss portal??? eXo and Jboss has joined forces to create the new GateIn portal, it's worth checking out.


I am working with Yanel at this moment and it is a very powerful, fast and lightweight CMS to build highly customized web applications with a strong focus on content. 100% Java.

Have a look:



Check out Enonic CMS. We released the Community Edition today: https://github.com/enonic/cms-ce

Compiled distribution available at http://enonic.com/download

The CMS is used in large public sector and private organization. The Open Source version licensed under AGPL v3 with few functional limitations. We support both Open Source and Commercial stacks.

Regards, Morten Eriksen


https://github.com/Kunstmaan/OpenMercury, it's very powerful java based CMS :)


In Hippo CMS can you manage your assets. They can be upload & downloiadded from the Hippo CMs GUI, but also by users of the front end.

You can check the demo: http://www.onehippo.com/en/products/cms/try (in which there's also the possibility for user generated content, which is entered in the CMS workflow).


Here i found a great Java cms: http://www.greepit.com/2010/03/open-source-java-cms-apache-lenya/


Hi, I also want to know about a good CMS. My requirement is that It should allow to upload/download files(as ebooks,docs) to the users. Can anybody suggest which CMS fits this requirement?