I'm interested to know how people would answer this question.

Man my rep is being crushed!!! I could close the question to save myself but that wouldn't be sporting now would it :-)

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unmount it first ...


I'd probably look it up in the book How Would You Move Mount Fuji?.

Personally I can't stand arbitrary puzzle questions like this, but opinions vary. I'd prefer to solve actual customer problems, or something at least vaguely resembling them.

On the other hand, if you can produce a customer that will pay me to move Mount Fuji, I'll entertain the question.


I probably wouldn't have to do anything, because, as the Earth revolves, it moves too.


I guess I would get three large sticks and make it a veeeery long game of Towers of Hanoi


I wouldn't. I would destroy the current Mount Fuji and then rebuild an exact replica in a new location.