What's the release date of Visual Studio and .NET 4.0?


The launch date is April 12, 2010. The launch date was initially announced as March 22, 2010, but as of this blog post by Scott Guthrie, the date has been pushed back to April 12, 2010.

In the interim, there is a Release Candidate version with a Go Live license already released.

You can get the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 here.

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The launch date is April 12, 2010. The original launch date of March 22, 2010 was postponed. See here for more information.


There's no fixed release date, but I personally expect it'll quite possibly be released in November or December 2009.

EDIT: Now the release date has now been announced as March 22nd 2010. So much for guesses made 10 months in advance :)

My guess is that there'll possible be one release candidate between what's currently available (beta 2) and then - but again, that's only a guess.


It's now 12th April 2010


Official Launch 22.03.2010, see here


Update: the public beta is now available, including CLR 4.0, .NET 4.0, C# 4.0 and VS2010.


I suspect it will be at the PDC. (November 17-20, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA)


It's not always easy to guess Microsoft's release dates based on year in the product name. In other products, it typically comes out just in advance of the year in the name, but Visual Studio seems to have been late sometimes!

  • VS2008 released Nov 2007
  • VS2005 released Oct 2005
  • VS .NET 2003 released Apr 2003
  • VS .NET (2002) released Feb 2002
  • VS 6.0 released 1998
  • VS 97 released 1997

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My guess, RC out soon and release by Jan... Actual date: 12 April 2010.


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Launch Date

Rob Caron confirmed the release date Monday, 12 April 2010.

See: http://blogs.msdn.com/robcaron/archive/2010/01/13/9948172.aspx


I would also expect mid to late 2010...


I think in first half of 2010 with big event around the world. Like when released VS2008 and SQL2008.


I expect come on Nov to Dec on 2009 You can remember vs2005 and vs 2008 also come on Nov.


The MVC team and Channel9 10-4 videos talk about a Beta 2 release, so factor that into your estimate.


Although some people say April, I suspect November, PDC 10, because VS2008 was released in PDC 09.


It is launched on Monday 12th April 2010 but you may be able to download it beforehand. I spoke to Microsoft and you can use their RSS feed to stay up to date with any prelaunch downloads. I wrote about it in my blog


Is there a Release Date for the Public RC?

Im on the Beta 2 right now.

The RC is supposed to be released in Feb sometime. But any exact date?


asp.net 2010 version is great because of the improve features and easy to use.


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