Okay, I admit there are lots of threads R vs. something. The strengths of R are obvious to most people here. Still though advertising R in an environment that has been preferring various kinds of other software for quite some time is not easy.

Moreover, even in the limited time Ive been dealing with R, it improved so dramatically that I would mention things among its strengths that I would not have listed when I started my personal R-evolution.

So, what I am trying to do here is to collect the most recent and striking arguments that can be put in nutshell and be presented easily.

What I got on my list so far is:

  • the Springer useR series
  • ggplot2 and its documentation
  • open source
  • CRAN
  • Rapache
  • rcpp
  • rsocket

What can you add to this list? SO threads are also very welcome as answers.

EDIT: so far, though indeed very helpful, most answers are arguments (pros) why one would want to use R. Do you have some specific hints that I could include in some kind of overview presentation?