I'm looking to get into developing software for the Blackberry platform. I know they've got a great IDE plug-in for Eclipse and I've got their Storm simulator running on my laptop, it's fantastic.

So, that being said, anyone have any tips, tricks or gotchas to watch out for when using the Blackberry SDK?

Anything specific to various models? I'm starting development for the Storm 9530.

Specific points of interest to me are:

  • Accelerometer tips/tricks

  • UI tips/tricks/tools to use or not to use

  • Common mistakes/pitfalls one should avoid

EDIT: So far reading along the developers journal and also following the great blog posted already have proved to be quite helpful! Also found some helpful info on how to deploy your app to a device by reading the Developer Guide.

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Not sure about self-promoting, but I've got a blog dedicated to that, especially for new BB devs:

Thinking BlackBerry

Also (to keep it balanced) the BlackBerryForums developer forum has a lot of activity (not as good as the official RIM forum generally, but useful as an alternate source.

But definitely blackberry.com is the first place to go (as pointed out by @Paperino)


Professional Blackberry is pretty much a must read. Any tips I would give are pretty much contained there.

Click here and all your wildest dreams will come true

Aside from those two resources, I don't have anything really specific to add.


I've run into issues with simulator configuration, code signing, and setting up a download link for OTA installation of an application. Instead of typing everything over again, just go to my blog: http://zechariahs.org/blog/category/blackberry/. (Sorry for the semi-pimpage of my own blog.)