Please read this through before voting to close. There's method in my madness...

April 1st is rapidly approaching, and I suspect many Stack Overflow regulars will have been considering what to ask as a "prank" question. I have nothing against good humour, but I think it makes sense to concentrate it in one place, rather than seeing SO turn into the white noise that Slashdot usually becomes on April 1st. (I'm sure it won't completely eradicate prank questions, but every little helps.)

So, what question would you have asked on April 1st? Or rather, what question would you have liked to ask as an April Fool? (I'm sure many people would have restrained themselves... no need here!)

Silly answers to the questions can take the form of comments, of course.

I'll accept the highest voted "answer" at the end of April 1st (or rather, at about 5.15am UTC on April 2nd when I get up).