In your experience, where is the best place to pick up female programmers? I have tried craigslist (strictly platonic), but I haven't really met any women I'd consider meeting in person. Most of them didn't even know the difference between AJAX and DHTML.

I have exhausted pretty much every online dating website, programming forum, and social network at this point. What's funny is that the only time I did meet a girl who was a programmer, I blew it. I was at a chess tournament and I met a female Ruby programmer but she found out I worked with VB.NET. I wound up getting cuckolded by a Lisp programmer.

As far as strategies go, I try to come up with a really funny joke to break the ice. "A SQL Query walks into a bar and goes up to two tables. 'Mind if I join you?'" If a girl (or guy if you are into that) doesn't laugh, I know right away they haven't worked with SQL. Maybe they're old school and know some assembly or whatever, but most programmers have touched SQL at some point and should get it.

So why am I still alone? I guess I'll just have to wait and C...