I often wish my profile page on SO shows me the diff in votes for my questions / answers since last time I checked.

Since the SO team has more important things to worry about I decided to add this myself using a greasemonkey script: Stack Overflow: New Votes.

After you install the script , the first time you visit your user page it remembers how many votes each of your questions/answers has.
Upon every subsequent visit, if any of your questions has new up votes or down votes they are displayed next to the number [(+2) 14 votes] instead of just [14 votes].
The data is saved locally and updated every time you visit you profile page.

I have only tested with Firefox3 on WinXP but it should work across OSes and FF versions.

I hope you find this useful, if you have any problems bugs / feature requests let me know in the answers.


Edit: Now also shows the total reputation increase / decrease.